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Spring Anime 2009 Picks

Spring. Meh. We're a few short weeks from things warming up again. Also a few short weeks away from the grass growing green again, and my lawn is freaking huge.

Still, on the plus side, there's new anime. This here's the big season, so this list is likely to be very long. In other words, settle in.

Disclaimer: I'm not another douchebag cynic anime fan. If an anime can manage to merge a good storyline and lots of panty shots almost seamlessly, more power to them, and I ain't holding it against them. (This just might be because I lack the large, ceramic, EVA-01-shaped model up my ass that most anime bloggers seem to have that makes them so stuck up.) In other words? I'm more likely to have Queen's Blade on my list, rather than RAINBOW Nisha.

Anyhow, on with the show! But first off, let's see what we're working with.

Apologies for the huge image. But its good quality, so why not? Anyways.

Full Metal Alchemist

Long-awaited and rumored second TV …

Winter Anime 2009 Picks

I'm crazy late with this, since its just two weeks or so until the Spring Season Anime will be out. Honestly, this should've been done in December, but I just didn't feel like it. Oh well. No more excuses, onto the list, huh? First of all, here's what we're working with, as far as the full season:


Synopsis: Kakeru Daichi buys a can of melon juice soda from a vending machine, which then suddenly transforms into a girl that he nicknames "Melon". Other "Akikan" ("empty can") girls appear, however they need to be infused with carbon dioxide from kissing to survive.

Opinion: I make no excuses. This series sounds downright vapid. But, the girls look cute, and every now and then I like to watch a series and just veg out. I'd call it a guilty pleasure, except I'm a man who proudly admits he's a Sentai fan. Its possible I'm past the concept.

Going past five episodes? ...Why? I've got better stuff to get with my (very) li…