Song of the Day Life Soundtrack Version: Day One

I'll save everyone the usual emotional appeal about how important music is, and how vital it is to our daily lives. It can often define, if not who we are, then periods of our lives. Indeed, there are a number of songs which I'll associate with my first year in college.

So with that in mind, for the remainder of the year I'll be posting songs that have stuck with me over the course of 2010. Once a day (or more) every day. Of course you know this is JiH, so you don't have to worry about awful club music (Like a G6) or mindless earworm crap (Speakers Going Hammer). It's all epic work by great musicians, though you may need to alter your thinking to fully enjoy it all. It's all good though, trying new stuff can be fun, right?

First song up? m-flo's Miss You, featuring Ryohei Yamamoto and melody. This song, and really the entire Astromantic album, reminds me of Winter, since that's when I first heard it, and the futuristic sound Verbal and Taku bring on every track sort of feels like something that belongs in the colder months.

No long intros though, let's just get the video up:

See you tomorrow. ;)


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