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Guy Test (NSFW Vid.)

I ran a brief search for Vampirella and found...this. I wasn't surprised, as she's known for having women do cosplay with her costume (...and people whine about Kara Zor-L's outfit...), but seeing it was a two minute video kinda made me wonder if there might be a story involved.

After sitting through the full video, I realized I was more of a Stupid Guy than I care to admit. Coming to THAT fact made me realize the video could serve as a Guy Test for all of us. (No, very little changes in the whole two minutes.)

Voluptuous Vampirella - Watch more Funny Videos

So, here's the test:

< 10 seconds: There's three possible answers for this: You're very much in love right now and no other girl can compare, you're very, very married, or lastly, you're gay and haven't come to terms with it. Not to be hetero about this...but if that girl couldn't keep your attention for at LEAST ten There's nothing wrong with being gay, though--be proud…

Vampirella. Great Costume, or GREATEST Costume.

Spring Break's winding down. Gah. Sucks too. I've barely gotten any of the things I wanted to do done. And while that isn't wholly my fault, the fact remains I have...really, tonight and the weekend left. Ah well.

The point of this was to bring up the fact that Dynamite acquired the character Vampirella. This is interesting for two reasons:

1.) Vampirella's a great character, and one of the first of her kind. Battling supernatural enemies to save humans. Plus her outfit rocks (though if they changed it I wouldn't complain--you don't need a bikini to be hot).

2.) The rights have gone to Dynamite, probably the biggest indy company out right now. Thus far I have enjoyed from them Alex Ross's Project Superpowers, and they possess a great track record for their licensed properties.

They have a tendency to nab star creators for "from the ground, up" creations of the character's mythologies, and I love that. Plus if any character needs that, …

Toonami: All Engines Are Go.

A random Twitter post earlier today sent me down memory lane. It was a meaningless post, just linking to another YouTube video but damn...the brief trip sure was nice.

I know kids today see their favorite shows whenever they want--what with reruns, clips on stream sites, and even downloads if you know where to look...

But I still feel like, they're missing something. There are great cartoons made these days, but I don't know.

The original Toonami (1997-2003) was literally one of the most innovative blocks on television, and THE most innovative with regards to animation programming. They continuously pushed the boundaries and gave both adults and children a variety of shows so that there was something for everyone.

There's no denying that animation has come a long way since Moltar first sent out the Toonami probe to Earth, and yet I still pity the younger generation. They missed out on an animation renaissance.

You could call it hyperbole. There are a lot of people who d…

College Life Part Two

Melodramatic "my path" stories aside, what's college life like? Good question.

I'm still not sure what to make of it myself. I'm doing the basic college stuff at the moment--Composition I, College Algebra, General Psychology, Modern Western World.

Its off-putting. The first day I was wandering around, not really sure where anything was, and I make it up to my classroom which I'm expeecting to be a giant auditorium...

...and its just me and 15-20 other people. Its like being a Senior in High School again. But then I leave there to get to College Algebra and there's that giant freaking auditorium room I was expecting.

Its interesting to be in a class room in which one could theoretically get NO face time with the teachers. Especially when you're like me, and sit in the back all the time.

I have two classes that are like that, although one (Psychology) encourages participation. Still, mostly these classes feel exactly like high school...

Until your te…

Game Thoughts: Final Fantasy XIII

One of the many things I've been working on during my Spring Break is the recently released video game, Final Fantasy XIII. For a number of reasons (chief of which, pre-occupation with other stuff), I am only eight hours into this game and perhaps a third of the way into Chapter 4.

Its been...several years since I've played a video game, so I'm a bit rusty. Don't misunderstand--over the last few years I have played (and beaten) a number of video games, but they were ROMs emulated on my PC, and I haven't played a next-gen RPG (anything past PSOne) in years. This is my first PS3 RPG ever, honestly. So hopefully you'll understand if, maybe there's some new rules to my favorite genre I don't get.

Final Fantasy starts with an introduction that really should grip most people from the start. Last I checked, RPGs were about saving the world, and that always begins on a smaller scale (to see if you can handle it)--so when your story starts out with a bunch of…

College Life Part One

It seems odd that I've been in college for two and a half months and really haven't talked about it. (Yet, simultaneously, there's a post coming up about my attempts to catch up on comics.)

That's really because I'm not quite sure what to say, but this is what separates real writers from would-bes, so let's see what I got:

It feels nice. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm happy to be back in school. Sure, there are lots of assignments I don't really care about. But you know what? Its really great, just to feel like I have a purpose, again.

Let me back up. In April or so, Spanish teacher asked me where I was going after I graduated. My answer, as it had been since 2005, was, simply: "I'm taking a year off."

I am rather certain she was not expecting that. After all, I was doing excellent in her class and seemed to be a rather studious, intelligent person that had his entire life planned out. But that's not true. Th…

Comics World Upheaval

For those that pay attention to the comics world like I do (IE, I check CBR and Newsarama and IGN Comics at LEAST daily), you should have noticed something by now:

A lot of Big Two titles are undergoing creative changes, rotating out both writers and artists, giving us a lot of fresh faces on some of our favorite titles. Let's go through some of them, shall we?


Rotating Out: James Robinson, Writer
Rotating In: J. Michael Straczynski, Writer

Personal Thoughts: To be honest, I was worried about this title anyway. James Robinson's "Atlas" arc did not wow me, and he shined best when he was doing the story around Mon-El, Superman's Daxamite "brother". With Supes returning shortly after War of the Supermen, its actually a good idea to get him off this title and perhaps on to something else. (Where's my Earth-2 Justice Society origin, Robinson??) When he did the Mon-El bit, his was one of the most compelling parts of the New Krypton saga (along w…

First Thoughts Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Promo

For the few superhero fans that have not heard, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is a new toon from Marvel airing this fall on Disney XD.

Here’s your trailer.

Most startlingly is that, from what I've seen on various websites, it appears the series has been greenlit for 52 episodes. This is very strange—most action cartoons generally only run for fifty-two episodes, or a maximum of 65. With that, stations can run a series in syndication, have an established brand to sell toys off of, and can move on to the next big deal to sell toys for. To have 52 episodes greenlighted?

A.) Disney has so much faith in the Avengers brand that they’ve decided to throw their weight behind it and have essentially green lighted the entire series run. If this is the case, it’s a great idea as it gives the writers a chance to plan the whole thing out from start to finish and give us a full narrative rather than five rushed ones.

B.) The synergy department is paying attention. There’s …

WTF!? Who added the metatags?!

A search for Jumping in Headfirst somehow, takes you right to this site. How'd THAT happen? I've told perhaps seven people about this site, and MAYBE one of them checks it regularly.

Nice to be noticed, I guess.

Edit: BBCode in an HTML post. Ignore the brief author fail, if you would folks.