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DC Rebirth Impressions Part 2: Justice League and the Titans

And here we are with part 2 of our DC Rebirth impressions.   Last time we covered the Trinity since they had so many books that needed to be done, this time we knock out the remainder of the DC Rebirth launches.

DC Universe Rebirth Impressions: The Trinity

After months of hype and vague, curious teasers, the DCU Rebirth finally stands unveiled.   Obviously, I've been critical of DC for quite some time--from the downfall of the New 52, to the rapid dissolution of DCYou.   In some way or another, try as I might, so much of what they've done has turned me off.  That's part of why I stopped doing Bottom of the Pile.   Yeah, Marvel's doing great...but DC's the heart and soul of my comic book love.   In all honesty, if they'd screwed this up, I might have given up on 90% of comics altogether.

But that's not what happened!  DC did their stream and I probably excitedly fist pumped at least four different times, so I think we're good.   And while I gave some small impressions on it over on Twitter, I think each book is deserving of a more detailed response, so let's get into that.

Batman Writer: Tom King Artists: David Finch/Mikel Janin
Between his work on Grayson and Vision, Tom King has become somewhat of an i…

Daredevil Season 2 In-Progress Review

Last year Daredevil was probably my favorite 13 hours of television for all of 2015, and that's saying a lot since I typically prefer more outlandish, cosmic stuff and DD is about as street-level as it gets.  Knowing that, how could I not be excited about season two with its promises of Elektra, the Hand, and the Punisher?

A Little Bit of Courage Volume 2: It's a Robot! A Goddamn Robot!

So, there's been a title change.  It's might be the most obvious title possible, but it fits far too well for me to toss it.  Anyhow, when we stopped at the end of volume one, Negima was still a fairly standard harem series.  There's lots of cute girls and the series is literally drowning in fanservice, with boob size contests and every girl getting upskirted everytime Negi sneezes.  Volume two is where Ken tries to make some slight changes to the formula, carefully introducing some fringe shonen tropes.

Mahou Sensei Negima Review Part 1: There's No Way A Ten Year Old Can Be A Teacher!

Hi, guys!  Welcome to the newest column on Jumping in Headfirst, where I discuss one of my favorite manga ever: Mahou Sensei Negima!  Negima was created by mangaka Akamatsu Ken, most famously known for his work on the archetypal harem series, Love Hina.  After Love Hina's massive popularity earned him a spot as one of the most famous mangaka of his era, he followed up with Negima.  What initially looked like more a more fantastic version of Love Hina, the series gradually transitioned from a harem series into one of the best shonen manga I've ever read, complete with a massive, well developed cast, deep lore and amazing fight scenes.  (Ones where "friendship" isn't the sole reason for every victory.)

Unfortunately, few people are aware of Negima's story improvements or genre change.  Once a manga gets an anime the attention shifts entirely to the adaptation.  It makes sense: the addition of voice, music, and motion create more immersive experiences. Even I&#…