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Song of the Week: Childish Gambino - Bitch Look At Me Now

I'm going to try to make my street cred stack up...

Also, give the original a look.

Song of the Week: JAM Project - Elements

Excuse me for being a bit late with my posts. Tests hit kind of hard, but that's no excuse.

The song of the week this time is a request by a friend of mine. I don't normally rock JAM Project (because parts are greater than the whole), but this one gets a pass because the composition is by my favorite member of the group, the Queen of Music, Masami Okui. Enjoy.

This may not be the only song you hear from me this week.

Song of the Week: YT Cracker - Warez Loader

I was wondering whether I should continue the Song of the Day deal, and at first I wasn't sure, but I decided what I'll do (for now), is downgrade it to the Song of the Week. I still wouldn't have done it though, if I hadn't found this particular gem from my high school days.

This is now SageTV's theme song. Enjoy.

Jumping in Headfirst: Year Four

...Year Four. What the fuck, really? Another year and I'll be getting a card for not quitting this thing and becoming a "pillar of the internet" from the Society of People With No Life.

Anyway. My apologies for not writing this thing up sooner, as I meant to do this the third, the first "work day" of the year. Chalk it up to laziness.

Last year was probably one of the most challenging years I've ever experienced. Most of the challenges coming from within, but as it was also my first year in college, many of them came from the outside as well. Still, for the most part you can say I pretty much "won", since I brought back a decently high GPA (3.4 for the year)...and, y'know, sanity. I call that a victory for God, 'cause I kinda sucked on my own and found myself praying to him pretty much constantly. (Which I and my fellow Christians are supposed to do anyway, but we don't because we're stupid.)

I'm having to say goodbye t…