SotD Life ST Version: Day Thirty Extra

Back with my boy, Childish Gambino, AKA Mr. More Talented Than You.

One of my favorite songs of his, especially in the last verse, where he slowly builds up his intensity and momentum, until you're like a full minute into his last verse and you realize through all these SICK punchlines he hasn't taken a single breath. It's that serious.

Album should be out 2011. For now, go over to to get his mixtape. It's legal, so don't get anti-piracy--support dude.

Also, I'm recommending his website, IAmDonald , if for no other reason than he has some FINE women on his front page. *bites lip, looks back at the page* The things I would d...*coughs* Okay, okay...on to the next song. I'm filling iPods up today. (Mainly 'cause most of 'em have crap for space.)


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