The New 52, Corrected: Wonder Woman

What Happened: Diana has been helping the latest of Zeus’ baby mamas, a woman named Zola, dodge all sorts of insanity coming from the rest of the Mount Olympus family now that Zeus has gone missing.

What I’d Change: Lots.  For one, I’d probably toss the idea that Amazons aren’t immortal.  I would also most likely have a story that involved Diana’s relationship with all of the gods, perhaps through a story that involved the Greek gods suddenly taking a more active role in the lives of humanity and Diana putting a stop to it all.  Something with a lot of action and shit blowing up, but the potential for decent characterization throughout.  You know, the basis of most exceptional superhero books.  (And mediocre ones too, but you can’t create awesome-ness without seeing a failure or three.)  Oh, and I’d also put her back in a pair of pants. 

Because I tried reading Azzarello’s Wonder Woman and it didn’t click with me.  Critically its a fine book, and it gets tons of respect, but at the end of the day, I feel like Diana is much too passive in that book.  It doesn’t appear to be about her so much as the people around her.  This suggests (though it certainly may not be the case) that Brian doesn’t find her terribly interesting on her own.  Understand that the idea itself wasn’t bad per se, but this was the way he chose to reintroduce Wonder Woman to the world, and like most New 52 writers, personally I didn’t feel that opportunity was taken seriously enough.  

Suggested Creative Team: Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti (These two did such a fantastic job during their run on Wonder Woman in evoking a really cool epic fantasy feel, and I think that could continue.)


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