The New 52, Corrected: Booster Gold

What Happened:
Nothing.  Replacing The Fury of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man with this.

What I’d Change:
This is the second book that got lost in the Flashpoint truffle-shuffle that happened in September 2011.  And like Red Robin, we should have kept it.  Firestorm started out a mess from day one, but you know DC, they can’t ever be wrong so they just kept it around.

I’d much prefer Booster Gold’s comic to be around and have him exploring the post-Flashpoint landscape.  You could have even made it the place to be if you wanted to know what changed after Flashpoint.   That would have instantly made EVERYONE interested.  A good hook can make or break a story, and while I’m no Alan Moore, I know that’s a *great* hook.

Why: Because nobody knows what’s what with Flashpoint over.  Sometimes it seems like even DC doesn’t know, and its embarrassing.  At least this way we could get some idea of their thought processes and learn to what extent this was actually planned out.

Suggested Creative Team:
...Why was Dan Jurgens ever taken off this title to begin with.  He was perfect on it and this was one of my favorite pre-New 52 comic books.


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