The New 52, Corrected: Sensational Comics

What Happened: Another replacement.  Batman: The Dark Knight for this.

What I’d Change: Again, this is a replacement so there’s nothing to change except giving Wonder Woman another title.  The difference between this one and her normal one is this one would probably have a lot more to do with Wonder Woman’s life as a superhero rather than her time as a part of an ongoing Greek myth.  In this book she would throw down with Cheetah, Circe, and other supervillains.  I would also put in a lot of her personal life, making this more of a traditional superhero title.  Where does she live, does she have a boyfriend (I’m fully in support of Superman/Wonder least it’s SOMETHING new), how does she adapt to “Patriarch’s World”, etc. etc.

Why: They keep telling us Wonder Woman is part of DC’s Trinity, but Batman has 30 books, Superman has two, and Wonder Woman has one.  It’s illogical.  Batman: The Dark Knight has been average in terms of critical acclaim and reader reception, and sells because of the artists backing it.   Cut it, give Wonder Woman another title. 

Suggested Creative Team: Greg Rucka, if he doesn’t hate DC too much at this point. 

My apologies for missing a day, I thought I had a little more cushion than I actually did.  I'll make up for it with a second post later today, I think.


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