The New 52, Corrected: Shadowpact

What Happened: This title replaces Justice League Dark.

What I'd Change: I'd be lying if I said I knew what JLD was truly about.  And that's the problem.  I don't know what's going on, and I don't much care. DC hasn't made a huge attempt to make the book matter yet.  And instead of shoving characters people barely know into a book and labeling it Justice League, I'd rather go with a more established team name for DC's magic users and use both some of the most well-known DC magic heroes like Doctor Fate, Zatanna, Phantom Stranger and Shazam, team veterans like Raggedy Man, Blue Devil, Black Alice and Enchantress, and maybe even some new characters you can build up over time.  I'd also pit them against higher-level threats, maybe even have them go after Pandora because someone noticed the universe changing.

Why: Because DC is not Marvel, and the Justice League is not Avengers.  Don't just label things "Justice League" because you think it will sell an extra two issues before it gets canceled.  Let's build a brand here: the Guardians isn't called "Space Avengers", is it?  Plus, for all the in-series jokes about Shadowpact being a stupid name, Justice League Dark is worse.


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