The New 52, Corrected: Red Robin

Red Robin

What Happened: Nothing.  This title is replacing the Batman line’s Batman and Robin title.

What I’d Change: If I truly had my way, then this book would be called Robin and be about Dick Grayson because all the other Robins hadn't been brought in and this was just Bruce's second year on the job.  (That, or I'd find a way to work it so that Bruce had an army of Robins.) But, I'm working with the concept they gave us, so in this case, there’s nothing TO change.  It just comes down to this: before Flashpoint, Tim Drake had his own comic book and was a prominent member of the Teen Titans. (If not the leader, then at least a veteran member of the team.)  He was also a member of the Bat-family that spent a lot of time in Gotham.  Post-Flashpoint, he’s got no comic book, has just formed the Teen Titans but its a crashing failure so far (fifteen issues in and they STILL aren’t a team yet!), and they didn’t bother to make him apart of the Bat-Family until the 0 issue where they downgraded his detective abilities and the Death of the Family storyline in which he appears to be a rescue doll. 

Here, I would focus on Red Robin striking out on his own, maybe away from Gotham (since Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, AND Batman are all there) and setting up in a brand-new city.  In light of his new origin he wouldn’t be in Gotham anyway.  We would lose a lot, but he’s a teenager again so he could start out in a high school and maybe bring back some of the superhero action tinged with teen drama of the early days of the original Robin comic book.   But then, if I did that, I bet I could figure out a way to sneak Stephanie Brown into the book, and Dan Didio would probably try to assassinate me for that. 

Why: I’m getting rid of Batman and Robin because, while it might be a good comic book, I’m operating off the principle that no superhero needs more than two monthly comic books.  NONE.  Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Wolverine--come on.  All of them have their own books and join teams but somehow they need THREE comic books.  Get that out of here. 

Suggested Creative Team: Christoper Yost/Marcus To (They did a great job on Red Robin in its latter issues, so why not?)


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