The New 52, Corrected: Darkstars

What Happened: Replacing Red Lanterns.

What I’d Change:
  Back in the early 90’s a group of intergalactic policemen were introduced to the DC Universe called the Darkstars.  They were meant to replace the Green Lanterns as the peace-keeping force for the universe.  This was one of those early 90’s ideas like Supergirl being a clone created by Lex Luthor and the Teen Titans having Green Lantern on it that just gradually faded away.

You might ask, why with the Green Lantern Corps back would you need these guys.  Well, to readers so long as its a good book what’s it matter?  And in universe, let’s be honest: The Green Lanterns spend so much time fighting all the other Lanterns and now even fighting their own bosses, that when was the last time they kept their own lives, never mind the peace.   Plus the GLC is answerable to a group of bosses that are basically a bunch of demigods who ignore the actual needs and desires of every other species in the universe, employing beings who basically do whatever they want in the name of “order”.  The Darkstars (at least, the new ones) could be an intergalactic peace-keeping group created by a consortium of planets designed to be answerable not only to a council, but the people they protect.   The potential for political intrigue alongside huge space battles is too great to ignore.

Why: Is Red Lanterns really something you want to read month in and month out?  Plus, DC has a LOT of really cool space characters that don’t wear a ring and generate brightly-colored constructs.  It’d be nice to have a book about them.  Even the new comic Threshold prominently features a Green Lantern in its pages. 


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