The New 52, Corrected: Justice League/Stormwatch

What Happened:

With Justice League: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and...Cyborg (apparently) team up to stop Darkseid from invading and taking over the planet.

With Stormwatch: Some shit.  I read the first issue, wasn’t especially impressed as it appeared to be some "early days" type deal.  The reviews haven’t been too hot from fans OR comic news sites either.  Nothing against Paul Cornell, who is a talented writer, he just didn’t hit a home run this time. 

What I’d Change: Completely different arc.  I’d skip what formed the Justice League and jump right into things with a battle between the newly formed, first public superhero team the Justice League, and the secretive, almost shadow-ops Stormwatch.  Stormwatch is irritated at the unwelcome attention these arrogant new showboaters have brought to super-powered people, and are taking them down before their unnecessary antics bring attention to their team. 

Why: One of the biggest changes that we ignored from Flashpoint is that the DC, Wildstorm, and Vertigo universes were all merged into one.  Swamp Thing and Animal Man are great comics, but why aren’t we getting any more mileage out of that outside of mediocre books like Teen Titans?  Stormwatch and the Justice League are two very, very different teams.  They have NO business getting along AND it would only be a matter of time before they came into contact with each other.   There’s no reason NOT to play this up instead of pretending like they’re going to stay far, far away from each other. 

A contained, three month crossover between both titles might have pissed off some fans, but if there’s one thing fans have shown time and again, its that if there’s a good story behind it, they’re willing to shell out the money.

Okay, so this is two books for the price of one.  I'm ahead right now, so don't get pissed at me if I miss a day, alright?  See you guys tomorrow. 


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