The New 52, Corrected: Blue Beetle

What Happened: Believe it or not, DCs currently publishing 51 comics.  Here's your 52nd, even though I don't have to do it.

What I'd Change: This time I'd probably start out with Jaime having to find his way back from space after the Reach is defeated in an interplanetary battle he was teleported out to, but had no part in.

Why: Because Jaime usually spends his time on Earth, trying to deal with his beetle and the fact that he can't control his powers, while also living a normal life with his family and friends.  Problem is, we've been there and done that.  Jaime's only seven or eight years old as a character, and he's already on like Volume 2?  3?  And the last volume went over a lot of the same material the first one had.   Cut that out.  


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