The New 52, Corrected: Catwoman

What Happened: A lot of women (and some guys) got pissed off, Selina slept with Batman and they kept the masks on.

What I'd Change: I liked Judd's idea.  I did.  Make Selina a lady addicted to bad behavior.  It's why she steals.  It's why she gets involved with an emotionally unavailable freak who's never going to love her properly.  It's how she gets into so many dangerous situations.   She loves the adrenaline rush.  

....Unfortunately, I like the idea for someone ELSE.  For Selina, it doesn't fit to me.  She can do better than that.  As for what I'd do?  Ever seen the show Hustle?  It's about a group of grifters who play long cons, involved operations that take longer than your typical, simplistic con, but results in a much bigger haul from the deal.   I like the idea of Catwoman being the leader of a grifting group, performing cons on all sorts of people in the DC Universe, using her...unique talents to get them places no one else could.   It's classy, and perfect for her skills.  It's also a blatant rip-off of another idea, but since Hustle's been over for almost a year and no one ELSE is using the idea, why not?

Why: Because I like the idea of a classy Selina, mainly. 


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