The New 52 Corrected: Protectors

What Happened: Replacing Red Hood and the Outlaws.

What I'd Change: There's no Protectors book, that I know of.  And frankly, the name is garbage so I'd probably get someone to change that.  But I think it'd be neat to have a Guardians of the Galaxy-type team in the DCU composed of some of their well-known superheroes in space (Adam Strange, Captain Comet, Starman) along with some less well-known people (Ultraa the Multi-Alien, Jemm the Son of Saturn) and maybe even an unexpected guest, newly introduced to the DC Universe (Spaaaaace Ghooooost).   They come together to battle against all the intergalactic conquerors that seem to plague the DCU.

Why: Because DC has more than just superhero characters, and they should use them.  Plus Red Hood and the Outlaws was not terribly well-received anyway. 


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