The New 52, Corrected: Secret Files and Origins

What Happened: This is replacing DC Universe Presents

What I’d Change:
Rather than have a book that focuses on lesser-known DC characters for 3-5 months, I’d just get to the point.  Remember in the 90‘s, not long after Zero Hour, DC had these Secret Files and Origins books that would come out and tell you everything about a given character?   You’d get a profile on the Hero, their rogues gallery, their supporting cast and any other heroes known for hanging out with them.  Plus you’d get a few cool little stories that would illuminate his or her origin without necessarily retelling it, AND a little timeline that would cover the then “10 year time line” of that character.  Every month you could do something like this with a different hero, alternating between well-known and not as well-known characters to keep sales up.   They could even double as launch-pads for new series, like for instance the new Vibe ongoing coming out next month.

Why: Because people aren’t that interested in anthology series.  DC Universe Presents has held on for awhile, but in reality it’s only a matter of time before it hits a threshold where even they can’t keep it going. 


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