The New 52, Corrected: Superboy

What Happened: Superboy is now the creation of Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E., an organization which inexplicably has a number of teen superheroes and Wildstorm characters working for it.  After he escapes he spends his time trying to find out his purpose in life.

What I’d Change: I’d probably borderline copy the original way he was introduced--just have Project Cadmus introduce him to the world and see how he makes his way around this new DCU as the world’s first teenage hero.  (Robin notwithstanding because the world at large isn’t supposed to know about him.)  The 90‘s haircut might be a bit much, but at the least he could have the cool jacket and sunglasses back.  No high school drama, no existential crises--just pure fun, maybe this time set in LA as opposed to Hawaii.

Why:  Nostalgia is totally influencing me here, but I don’t care.  Remember when Superboy had a sense of humor?   At a time where comics about brightly-garbed nice people beating the crap out of brightly-garbed less nice people have inexplicably become very dark and depressing, it’d be nice to have a character who made you laugh when you read their comic.


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