The New 52, Corrected: Hawkman/Hawkgirl

What Happened: Some poorly received story where Nth Metal is now a symbiote and Earth-1 Hawkman is now Earth-2 Hawkman again.   It got to the point where they put Rob Liefeld on the book, which...I don’t know why DC thought they needed another go-around with the 90’s again, but it has made me very sad.

What I’d Change: From what I understand, the 0 issue gets done what I think is the real necessity.  Lead off with the story of how Carter got to Earth.  It’s not like he has a history with the Justice League anymore, so screw it.  Start from Thanagar and tell us how he got to Earth.  I understand the Daemonites had something to do with screwing up Thanagar--so roll with that, but make sure to make it a main plot point and not something that’s just going to sit there brewing forever.  Also,  I heard Shayera was trying to hunt down Hawkman and I’d DEFINITELY toss that.  “Relationship reset” has been the default for these two for too long.   Let’s cut that noise and just make them a couple together again: the two of them crash-land on Earth and become a part of the new wave of superheroes that have appeared out of nowhere.

Why: Because yet again, this was an opportunity wasted.  These stories are everyone’s re-introduction to these characters.  You don’t put that off for 12 issues so you can have an easy sales boost when things start flagging.  You start with it so you catch everyone’s interest.

Two days behind, I know.  My apologies and I'll have another one up today and hopefully two up tomorrow.


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