E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 2

I'm back again with day two of my E3 Hopes and Expectations, as this time we talk about the return of a classic J-RPG franchise to its rightful place on consoles.

Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness

Square-Enix is a company that's become so utterly masterful at trolling that it's elevated from an annoyance into an art-form.  I mean, just look at this guy.

That, is the face of a guy who knew exactly what he was doing at last December's Playstation Experience, and decided he'd just go through with it anyway, because...fuck it.  What were you going to do about it?  Cry on the internet?  That man feeds on tears.

I say all that to say that even though Square's last little teaser website was so obviously Star Ocean 5 that people guessed it within seconds after it appeared, most of us still refused to believe it.  I figured they'd worked out a deal with GungHo to bring Puzzles and Dragons in Space to the Vita or something.

But no, it's a real thing, and the people involved genuinely seem like they want to make up for the $60 'Kay fest that was Star Ocean 4.   They've still got some hurdles to get over--the awful facial designs for some of the characters, the fact that there's still a kid involved even though that was one of the major issues with the last game, and the fact that a series mostly known for its space adventures seems to want to emphasize its fantasy elements this time around--but I'm trying to remain hopeful for now.

Since Square's got a conference, there's really no reason for the next major look at this game not to happen there.  I'm not exactly hoping for a release date as they were only thirty percent along before--but I'd love a brief cinematic trailer that gave us some idea of the story being used, or a lengthy game play trailer to show off the new seamless action of their battle system.  Either of these would be preferable, leading to a full-on blow-out of information when this game doubtlessly makes its appearance at TGS this September.

Chances of an Appearance: Even more of a sure thing than Watch_Dogs at this point. At this point the only question is how much time does Square want to spend on a smaller, Japanese title when they've got so many big budget games to show off?   Me?  I don't care.  I'm just excited to have one of my favorite franchises in the spotlight again.

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