E3 Hopes and Expecations Day 12

We've only got a few days left before the pre-show conferences begin.  What unbelievable predictions have I got in my hat today?


So after a very long time of working behind the scenes, team REBoRN would like to share a snippet of what is more to come for project REBoRN™ in 2015! Enjoy and stay tuned!
Posted by Elemental-Labs on Sunday, March 1, 2015

Reborn is a game that originally popped up on Kickstarter back in 2013.  It was meant to be an action RPG set in a cyberpunk version of Japan, boasting weapons, hand-to-hand, and even what appeared to be some vehicle combat in addition to what looked like a well-developed world for players to get involved in. 

But, unfortunately it wasn't being made by an established developer and they weren't nearly far enough along to justify the initial 200,000 dollar investment they were asking for, nevermind the other 1.3 million it would've taken to give them the game they really wanted to make.   There was no video--just a bunch of concept art to show what they were essentially aiming for.  There were even a few claims that the game itself was a "scam".  So when the game was barely funded with very little time left, the developer (Elemental Labs) canceled the Kickstarter with intentions of working on the game more and returning once they had more to show off.

Well it's been two years since then, and assuming the game is still in development (a fair assumption given the trailer above), it should be about ready for a real E3 reveal.  I'm hoping they found an actual publisher and we can skip past all the KS rigamarole.  There's massive potential in a cyberpunk action-RPG set outside of America for once, and the backing to turn this into a proper major game could help Elemental Labs realize said potential.

Chances of Appearing: E3's the best place for this to show up again, but that's not to say it actually WILL.  Still, companies don't just throw together teaser trailers like that for nothing.  This is mainly low on the list because since the KS failed they've been mostly silent. 


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