E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 3

We're trucking along with day 3 of this E3 Hopes and Expectations list, so I decided to throw you a curveball.

Watch_Dogs 2

Watch_Dogs was Ubisoft's 2014 open-world game that allowed players to navigate their way through Chicago's shady world of near-future hackers. I flip-flopped on my final opinion of Watch_Dogs several times before I finally decided: it's a pretty good game. What clenched it for me is when I borrowed from a friend for a second time (sold my copy for some quick cash--told you I flip-flopped) and started using the PS4's music playback function to use my own tunes instead of Watch_Dogs' pathetic offering.  It became easy to just turn my brain off and lose myself in Ubisoft's surprisingly well-developed Chicago, an open-world city which managed to have tons of personality without being as cartoonishly over-the-top as Saint's Row's city, or a pure misanthrope's paradise like GTA's. I couldn't believe it at first, but a few months out from finally finishing the game I find myself craving a similarly well-designed city to explore and see what sort of juicy secrets I can learn this time.   

Of course, the title wasn't without its flaws.  Like I said, it only really clicked for me when I turned off its radio, and a modern-day open-world game like Watch_Dogs should really have music choices as one of its best features.  And like nearly everyone else who spent time with it, I find Aiden Pearce one of the most boring characters in gaming.   Between both those problems and the wacky driving that seemed to simulate being on ice rather than pavement, it's lucky it got as many chances as it did.  Still, the good thing about flaws that are so easily noticeable is that generally they're not that hard to fix--replace the main character and fix the terrible driving, and already you've got a much more entertaining game on your hands.

That's pretty much why I'm excited for Watch_Dogs 2.  Recently confirmed to exist via someone's CV, it was always fairly obvious there would be a sequel to this.  It sold excellently, and publisher/developer Ubisoft just doesn't make too many games that they can't develop into a franchise.   Plus as I understand it, the best Assassin's Creed (before the series became a yearly grind) was the second, with the jump from one to two making the gameplay much more polished and fun to experience.  Should the same thing happen here, as I'm hoping, I'll be all too eager to jump back into the world of hackers.

Chances of Appearing: This is all but a slam dunk as far as potential E3 appearances.  The only way this could be any more of a sure thing is having someone who represents the company outright confirm it for us.   It'll either open or close the show. 


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