Transformers: Devastation

....No words.  Should've sent a poet.  Should've sent...Megatron.

As a child of the late '80's, its impossible for me to see an image like this and not be hyped.  G1 Transformers holds a special place in my heart (though IDW's universe has overtaken it as my favorite), and to hear that Activision is actually allowing their likeness to be used is fantastic.   Supposedly the developer for this is Platinum Games, a studio whose reputation precedes them even if I've never actually played one of their games.

I hoped this would happen, though I was presuming either High Moon or the studio that did Rise of the Dark Spark would just be given a larger budget and more dev. time, but I'm guessing Activision wanted another TF game on the shelves while they figure out a way to turn the franchise into something that can rival the Marvel and DC universes.

We'll know more about this game on Monday, but right now my biggest question is: why such a low amount of characters?  I know Platinum is known for incredible battle systems, but personally I would've taken something a bit more simplistic if it meant a significant increase in playable characters.   Ah well.  Perhaps there's hope for DLC if the game does well enough.

In the meantime, that's one of the more unlikely titles crossed off the list.   Let's see how well I do with the other four.  


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