E3 Hopes and Expectations Day 13

After a two week ride of pure insanity, what could Day 13 be? 

Sleeping Dogs 2

Yep.  I have completely lost it.   There's no reason why I should think a Sleeping Dogs 2 would "ever" happen, let alone at THIS E3.  United Front Games has been working on that F2P game Square doesn't realize no one wants.  They've also been busy working with like fifty other developers for Disney Infinity 3.0.   Even if there could be a Sleeping Dogs 2, it'd be in early concept stages and far too early to actually show off to us.   So why is it here?   It's a symbol.

For gamers, E3 is more than just a trade show where investors get a look at what they're paying for and the press get an early chance to look at and try games.  It's about hope.  The hope that all our favorite franchises will one day make triumphant returns.  The hope that we'll be presented with new IPs that will give us the same tingly feelings of excitement we had when we were kids and teenagers.  That's why every year people shoot for the absolute stars--not because they believe it will happen (mostly), but because this is their hope.   It's like when you believed in Santa Claus--sure, you knew several of those presents under the tree were going to be boring-ass sweaters or socks, but each one still represented the chance for something...more.   Just like these conferences.

And in any case Sleeping Dogs 2 isn't exactly the hardest thing to make.  Give us a slightly more detailed city, a new protagonist, expand on your fighting system a bit and you're pretty much done.  I'm not asking for a huge amount of innovation because what you had already worked great--I kind of want the same thing as before, just...more of it.

Anyway, that brings our little show to an end.  I've got something planned for tomorrow, but its more of a compilation rather than these full-on features.  Look forward to it.  


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