E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 9

This is that part where we get into the highly unlikely thing I was telling you about on day 1.

Injustice 2

We all know Injustice was a pretty good success, and NRS is riding high after Mortal Kombat X doing fantastically.  Now, Ed Boon's been teasing Injustice 2 on his Twitter account for some time now, but the guy's a notorious troll so by no means do I think this is a sure thing. 

That said: I've got this feeling like Mortal Kombat X went into production not long after Injustice first came out, which is why it took them all of two weeks and two years from Injustice's release to hit store shelves. It's not hard to conceive of a world where the two games alternate in development, and now that MK X is basically just releasing DLC they can focus more heavily on Injustice 2.

Even though I'm absolute trash at fighting games (and this one was no exception), it was delightful to go through Injustice's well-crafted story mode.  If they're going to make a second one, I'd want us to get perhaps a more detailed ladder for each character, and a system of unlocking extras that rivals Mortal Kombat X's fantastic new Krypt.

Other than that, the only thing I can hope for is NRS takes more chances with the roster.  The last game only had 28 characters and six of them were Bat-related.  Same with the stages--so many of them were set in/around Gotham City, even though the game itself was about Superman!   People wanted Darkseid--why not give it to them?   Between him and the New Gods you've already got quite a few characters to draw on--Mr. Miracle, Big Barda (probably need a new name), Kalibak, Orion.

Chances of Appearing: 100%...for next year, lol.  E3 2016 appearance and an E3 2017 release, most likely.   Though I'd lose my shit if they decided to go for it this year.


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