E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 7

Another curveball as we get to Day 7.  

Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition
Divinity: Original Sin was one of the most well-received RPGs of last year, and some might say the best RPG to be released in all of 2014.  There was just "one" problem with it (aside from my personal distaste for isometric view outside of strategy RPGs)--it was PC only.   Yes, like most Kickstarter success stories, Original Sin was only for the mouse-and-keyboard crew, which left console fans like me high and dry.

...That is, until Larian Studios announced an Enhanced Edition that would be coming to both PC *and* consoles.  Personally, I'd all but written off the title as I've never been comfortable playing without a controller in my hand, but this changed everything.  From what we've been told, the game's been completely re-worked--with voice acting, better graphics, new quests, a slightly re-worked story, and a completely different ending!   It all sounds like major changes worthy of earning the game a re-play...so fortunately PC players who already bought it will get a free upgrade.   An inspiring show of humanity from gaming that's become all too rare in the big budget, AAA era.

At any rate, this game hopped onto my "To Watch For" list the moment I saw the video of its announcement, and I can't wait to give this innovative turn-based RPG a shot. 

Chances of Appearing: Very, very high.  The only reason it's not up higher is that I'm not 100% sure this is going to show at E3, but logically it makes sense that they'd show us a glimpse at what their "new and improved" version of this game looks like there. 


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