E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 4

An unexpected challenger appears for day four!

Mass Effect 4

To quite a few people--myself included--last year's E3 was a massive disappointment.  Most of the games shown were just ones we'd long been aware of--which is why Sony's conference looked like a rerun of its previous year with a few minor edits.  And EA's...sheesh.  The less said the better.  They showed off like ten games but all you remember is Dragon Age, Hardline, and SPORTS because everything else was so early in development they couldn't show it to you, which was a shame.

But a year later--and with Dragon Age out of the way--the long-awaited sci-fi RPG Mass Effect is getting another shot at the big stage.  Now, last gen I didn't really have an interest in any of Bioware's games.   Blame it on the drab, brown-ish appearance of a lot of last-gen games or my predilection for Japanese role-playing games and overall stubbornness that some good ones would eventually appear, but I avoided both Dragon Age games and the Mass Effect trilogy quite deftly.

But, as I've written before, with a new generation comes new chances.  The once dark, "gritty" inFamous series became a neon-tinted romp through the beautiful, rainy city of Seattle with the far too short but still incredibly fun Second Son.  The super-srs fantasy RPG world of Dragon Age: Origins made way for the lush, breath-taking open world landscapes of Inquisition.  Last year both of those were two of my favorite games released that year, so I've become more open-minded.  Especially since I've wanted a proper science-fiction/space opera-oriented RPG since I was a boy.

I go into this with a (mostly) open mind.  I know fuck-all about Mass Effect lore save reading about that ridiculous ending, so I have few expectations.  I have the vaguest idea of what I want from a game like this, but until I see what they're doing I can't say one way or the other if this game will be capable of providing it.

Chances of Appearing: ....The fuck else is E3 gonna talk about?   Sports and Battlefront will probably suck up a good thirty minutes, but at some point they'll start to talk about the games they showed off last year that would have to be far further along now.   Rumors are that EA's got three titles they want to announce, and for whatever reason they're not counting last year as "an announcement" so they've got to start checking off these games sooner or later.   I wouldn't expect any game play, but rather a tense trailer setting up the plot--with gameplay inevitably appearing five months later on N7. 


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