E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 8

Another title that I'm reasonably certain exists, but it's still fairly sketchy.


This is a title that's made several trips through the rumor mills, each time with successively greater amounts of information that's all shockingly consistent.   As the story goes, Guerilla Games (known for the Killzone franchise) has a second team that's been around for more than a little while.   This team hired Fallout: New Vegas writer John Gonzalez to help it work on a new IP--supposedly a large-scale, third-person, open-world RPG that features a female, red-haired protagonist and giant robotic dinos.   All of this was basically scuttlebutt until these images (and more) appeared:

If true, it would mean the potential start for a major new Sony franchise.  But Guerilla's been silent no matter how often any rumors pop up--so this is either concept art that existed long before whatever the game's current state would be...or its the worst kept secret ever and they're just trying to keep it all going until Sony goes for a proper reveal.   I'm hoping its the latter, and I'm hoping there's a pretty cool, epic story behind it all that we see at this E3.

Chances of Appearing: Honestly?  Who knows.  There's no official proof there even is a game yet, so we're kind of just hoping at the moment.  It'd certainly shake up Sony's conference, though. 


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