E3 Hopes and Expectations Day 10

You'd think the tenth day of this would be far more exciting than what I'm about to present to you.  Unfortunately, that's not quite the case.

CyberConnect2 RPG

A few months ago, Japanese game developer CyberConnect2 made it known they were working on no less than three different titles in the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.  Each game was at a different stage of development and they essentially only made this announcement to start a recruiting drive, of sorts.   The one that was furthest along was supposedly a “photo-realistic, world-wide, UE4-developed game that used physics-based rendering and was aimed at a worldwide audience”.   

Now I don't have any evidence this will make an appearance at E3.  Just a bunch of hunches based off rumors, which is why this is after nine other, far more likely games.  But as I understand it Sony's been pushing the collaboration thing fairly hard with Japanese developers--as they should, since its mostly their fault Japanese games are in the state they're in--and I've heard that Sony is working with (among other developers) CyberConnect.   A separate rumor I've heard is that Sony's trying to make Japanese RPGs (though not the stereotypical ones we're used to) relevant again with a pair of games that should see the light of day sometime this year.   Now, with all the Japanese RPGs that have already surfaced: Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Star Ocean 5, and now Level-5's thrown their hat in the ring as well...I can't help but believe that if CC2 is far enough along to show anything, this title will make an appearance.

It's the longest of long shots, but E3's the time to make your ridiculous predictions.  A talented developer like CyberConnect2 should really have been given the leeway to work on an actual game besides Naruto: Ultimate Same Shit 7 years ago--they've got the graphical chops to create beautiful worlds, they just need a good writer behind them.  

Chances of Appearing: I'm not deluded--the possibility this game is an actual thing is 100%, but its chances of appearing here and not at TGS are significantly lower.  Basically, the only reason it could happen is if they really do have a section of their conference set aside to hype J-RPGs.  At which point someone can throw cold water on me and wake me up to the reality of some more Destiny DLC. 


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