E3 Hopes and Expectations Day 11

After yesterday, I'm basically in the realm of "get real dude", so let's see what else I can come up with!
Transformers: Cybertron 3

The Transformers: Cybertron series is one of my favorite franchises to come out of last gen.  (I'll admit it, I love licensed IP games when they're not the result of a movie.  I could probably legit survive as a gamer off good licensed games of properties I love from now until I either died or we inevitably hit that Sword Art Online-level of technology and I could just make my own games.)  Still, it's hard for me to deny that the series basically died a harsh death after High Moon was suddenly relegated to creating CoD map packs, then forced to work on more content for Destiny.   So this is another super long shot.  But.

Around March of last year some licensing plans got revealed for Transformers titles going into the future.  Among those were four console games—two of which were supposed to be movie titles (one eventually becoming the “Rise of the Dark Spark” film tie-in), while the other two were seemingly unrelated console developments.   "Transformers: Supreme" and "Transformers: Spirits Rising" are possibly the future plans for the series going forward.   Now as for "who develops it"--the guys who did Rise of the Dark Spark created a terrible game, but that's only because it was a movie title.  High Moon had the same issue when they had to do a movie tie-in, but brought it right back to awesome when they did Fall of Cybertron, so I'm willing to give the new guys another shot.

What I pray for though, is the day that Hasbro/Activision decide to get on the "me too" train and give me a proper open-world Transformers game.  A game like that has tons of potential, as the IDW folks have created dozens of cool characters that could populate the world of Cybertron and give us a proper political/action-based title.   

Chances of Appearing: Plans like this could change overnight.  Maybe Rise of the Dark Spark sold below expectations--maybe they've been waiting to launch news of their new game for PS4/XB1/PC only.  Who knows.   The real question is: if it exists, will they show off the title at E3 or wait for a later show like Gamescom or The Game Awards?



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