E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 1

I usually wait until like the day before (or the day of) E3 to do this, but this year I'm going to do something a bit different.  I've got quite a few games I'm looking forward to seeing, so I'll be doing mini-features on each one leading up to the actual pre-show press conference days, which start on June 14th with Bethesda's Fallout show conference.    If it all works out, I'll start out with the ones I think are most likely to appear, then work my way down to "not a chance" and eventually reach "lol why do you think this would even happen".    Wish me luck.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Our friends across the Pacific are already enjoying this open-world Wii U J-RPG, and it appears to be everything I hoped it would be: filled with sprawling, jaw-dropping environments, an epic story with something like two dozen (!) characters and awesome, transforming robots.   It's basically the reason I bought the Wii U in the first place--the first time I saw it two years ago at Nintendo's E3 2013 Direct, I was blown away by the distinct way it felt like an old-school, PS1/PS2-era J-RPG.

I patiently waited on its release in 2014 but alas it was not to be.  Since then it's been "targeting" a 2015 release date and I've been sitting on the edge of my seat since the game was given a release date in Japan waiting on one for us.   Are they aiming for late summer, early fall, or banking on it as a holiday game?   That last one's unlikely, but I've seen a small handful of Nintendo loyalists who've called it that way and with Nintendo it's really hard to tell.

Chances of Appearance: Nintendo is much like Microsoft when it comes to E3, in that its an "All Hands on Deck" situation.  Unless you're specifically told something isn't going to show up, if you know it exists you can expect it to pop up.   Particularly when its a game that already exists in Japan and has been heavily marketed worldwide by Nintendo almost since its creation. 

At this point, we're only left to wonder a handful of things: if they're going to hold back on the release date (doubtful), or go ahead and tell us its spot on the remainder of this year's calendar, whether there will be any changes between the Japanese and English versions, and what exactly the DLC plan is, since there seems to be an extensive amount of additional content.


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