Friday, July 31, 2009

(Live!) Song of the Day - m-flo: Life Is Beautiful

We Livin' Astro!

I love finding groups with a cool sound that's just as oddball as I am, and m-flo definitely fits that bill. A Japanese hip-hop group with a lyricist that's actually a Christian, and even *talks* about his faith? Win.

Have a taste of the cool jazz sounds of m-flo featuring double and toku:

Music Video of the Day - Mic Banditz: What's Your Secret?

A little bit from Microphone Banditz, Verbal's spin-off group off his label, Espionage Records.

Just noticed that this officially makes Japan just like America, hip-hop-wise, with them having their own "rapper who gets famous then tries to promote a group of rappers with members who may or may not have the skills of the guy hyping them". (Hint: They generally don't.) This puts Verbal in the company of Eminem and Ludacris, so depending on who you talk to, he's either in really good company, or in the company of pop rappers who know when to milk their popularity to help their boys out.

Least he teamed up with equally (kinda) popular J-R&B singer Emi Hinouchi to bring some good vocals.

...The White T-Shirt look is, somehow, universal.

Song of the Day - V6: Change the World

Okay, yeah, I DON'T love V6. But I did like this song in High School as a Freshman.

Music Video of the Day - dream: My Will

I'm making no secret of this. Yes, I love a J-Pop girl band. Specifically, dream.

Sure, make jokes about how I have bad taste. I don't care, dream does harmonization like nobody's business, and they sound absolutely amazing. I haven't heard much from "New dream", but I know the original group was great. Here is another case of an anime having awesome opening and endings but itself being...well, crap.

Inuyasha was one of the more annoying things to pop up during the anime boom. Kind of the anime version of Twilight--having sparked a possibly neverending source of annoying tween fangirls (and boys! ...Somehow...) who have an undying devotion to a series full of prettyboy putzes. (Miroku was cool though. And Sango was hot. If they were in some other series, I wouldn't mind.)

Anyway, dream was definitely one of the cooler endings Inuyasha had, along with the DAI EDs, so I had to put this one up. Enjoy. (No comment on the dancing, aside from...the obligatory, "...Hot.")

Song of the Day - Crystal Kay feat. Mic Banditz: katamoi

Okay, I slipped. Forgot to post songs for the week, so time for a Racer-X Flood!

...Hold it, that's another guy. Ah well. Another song off C-Kay's 4Real album that's definitely a party-starter, in my opinion. And the Microphone Banditz even make an appearance! Have a listen:

(Live) Music Video of the Day - Crystal Kay: Human Nature

Yes, THAT Human Nature.

Believe it or not, I had no idea this song existed. While I was looking for the Song of the Day, I ran across this gem in the Related Videos box. I knew C-Kay was a Janet fan, but I'd had no idea she did a tribute singing one of MJ's classics, Human Nature.

If you trust YT, someone in the comments says the part before her singing is talking about the influence MJ and Janet were/are on her, and how much of a shock it was that MJ died and how sad the whole thing was. Its okay to sing along. You know you want to. This song was awesome. If they say, why, why...tell 'em that its human nature...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic-Con 2009: Big Deal?

So its Sunday night and we've just come through Comic-Con. There's lot of other panels that will be covered in a flood of info over the next two or three days, but near as I can tell, ALL the panels from the Big Two have been covered, so we're going to get into that.

This is going to be a slightly different format than last year's Comic-Con "report". Last year I basically broke it down to the things that had come out I was most excited about. Considering I read comics for superheroes and only half were superhero projects, I was pretty psyched about the whole CC last year, for them to think up five full projects I had some interest in.

This year kinda went down pretty weird though. Maybe I'm wrong, but it kinda felt like they didn't want to announce anything huge for some reason. I feel like that, but why? ...I *know* they couldn't have thought their fans were all at the Twilight Panel.

But there was a lot of things that weren't announced or even mentioned that I felt should have been, and a lot of things that were announced it was like, in my eyes, "...Meh. Big deal."

You know here at Jumping in Headfirst I hate being overly critical. There's too much of that in the world, so I like to bring the positive stuff, so what's happening here is that I'm going to try and temper the negative stuff I DO mention here with positive things, as I talk about the projects I'm hyped for, and the projects I wish I had seen/thought they should have talked about.

Projects I'm Excited About:

- Marvel Anime (Wolverine, X-Men, Iron Man, Blade)

For fans of comics AND anime? This is a dream come true. For my money, our country has always had it wrong. Japan will adapt any manga property to the small screen if its popular enough. And for them, animated series don't just run a set length even when hugely popular. The biggest shonen series all run in excess of 100 episodes, easy.

Another thing they do--something I REALLY wish we could do--is that they air adapted properties at proper times, so unnecessary edits don't occur. Popular shonen series usually run weekend mornings, while more adult series will air during primetime, or even later. Hopefully Marvel's big heroes can gain the proper audience in the Land of the Rising Sun so I won't have to be stuck with "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" for the IM toon of the decade.

(Another property I'm especially excited to have adapted into anime is X-Men. If you're asking why, go here. Witness the win.)

- Farscape (Ongoing)

I had this up last year on my Comic-Con 2008 list. Since then there've been 3-4 adventures/stories told with my favorite characters of the Sci-Fi world. Apparently they've been hugely popular, because Farscape has been greenlit for a ongoing series, and I'm DEFINITELY excited about that. Also it appears they're going to continue the different mini-series about everyone's favorite raging Luxan, D'Argo--AND it appears the webisodes aren't dead yet. Wow. Flawless victory indeed!

- Muppet Show (Ongoing)

Something else I had on the list last year. They were a little late with launching this one since I think the first issue took until March, but I've enjoyed what they've done thus far, so the idea of seeing this series on a regular basis makes me happy. Its okay for "funnybooks" to be, well, actual funny books, now and again. (Now I'm considering finding out if the Muppet Show is on DVD somewhere...would be an excellent companion to this series, no?)

- Nation X

Matt Fraction's X-Men has been great IMO thus far, so I'm still riding with him as we enter this upcoming big story, which will be the first story for X-Men coming out of the Dark Avengers/X-Men crossover. Details are scarce, but its being described as a part of Scott Summers' (coolest mutant ever now) master plan, and also touted as the first confrontation with the X-Men since last year (which was just a one-off appearance and not a big story). Its always nice when they downplay a huge villain before they let him come back to the forefront to start some shit.

- Justice Society of America & JSA: All Stars

Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges are two incredibly talented writers who've done work on both superhero and non-superhero projects. And I STILL pity them for having to follow Geoff freaking Johns' run on the JSA. Still, it helps to have them do this, expanding the first super-team into a geniune franchise (which seems to be the thing to do in comics right now). Between these two titles and Power Girl, a post-Johns JSA could actually be fun. Now if we can only get an Hourman/Liberty Belle book...

- All-Flash

The preceding mini-series for this was on last year's Comic-Con list. Geoff Johns begins his first arc on the rebooted Flash franchise, alongside writer Sterling Gates for Kid Flash. I...question the decision of a Kid Flash book, but giving it some thought just now, it says something that they're willing to put forth the proverbial olive branch to all the people thinking that they're just throwing Wally out so that Barry can be the main guy, it takes a lot to say, "Hey, we're not even giving Barry his own book. The only guy getting a title is Bart." I'm glad to see that, and also glad we're finally getting the Flash series underway. Hopefully we'll be seeing just what sort of stories can be told with the Flash as the "guardian of time", as Geoff has often put it.

That's it, methinks. Six projects, one of which I learned of prior to CCI 2008, and 2/3rds of the rest are just ongoings of minis on last year's post.

Not Don't want to get pointlessly negative, so I'm going to state my problem in a way where you can conceive how DC and Marvel could have fixed it:

They treated the San Diego Comic Con, the biggest comic (or any other) convention of the year, like they would any other convention. That's the problem. This isn't a Wizard convention, or WonderCon. Its not even NYCC. Its the San Diego Comic-Con. The big fish in the convention pond. There are some people that don't even show up for this one since its so huge they're aware they won't even get noticed. But these are the two biggest publishers in comics.

I heard far too much, "we'll be telling you about that in a couple of weeks". This is the biggest con of the year. Announce everything NOW. Don't wanna hear from you for weeks after that.

And to give you an idea of what I want to hear, I really feel like it should be the way I told my friend weeks before the con: "Comic-Con is like E3 for comic books. None of the stuff you hear about is really coming out until next year." There's a reason for this thought pattern. Thanks to solicitations, which a lot of comic book fans that visit cons follow, we know about comic stories at least three months in advance. And since SDCC nearly always occurs after the solicits for that month have been released, we already know what comics are coming out all the way up until October. You can't have a con where you purely talk to us about projects in the two months left. (Granted, their con was more like they were pretending we hadn't seen the solicits...I guess there's some merit in going that direction.)

Okay, so with that out of the way, what did I really want to hear about? Glad you asked!

* First thing was definitely the big company crossovers for 2010. I hate the way they try and pretend like every event is going to be the last one ever because our guys aren't gonna make it through, like the writers and artists suddenly WON'T need to be paid next year. C'mon, you know what's up. Knock it off.

No, I don't want to know EVERYTHING in the company crossover. Just a tease, to get us all hyped. This was unnecessary in '08. The big crossover was already out there--Blackest Night. Geoff wrapped up Sinestro Corps War and then hit us with the tease for the last bit of the GL trilogy he'd been crafting, so we knew what was coming.

Now however, we just have vague ideas. Nothing concrete, but there are rumors:

For DC, the biggest event of 2010 is either one of two things:

- The Superman series has got a big story they're building to that's been coming since 2008's New Krypton. Everything's set up to be Earth versus New Krypton, with all the DCU heroes caught in the middle. This COULD be contained in Superman's books, except the Superman: Two Worlds panel let us in on the fact that the Thanagarians (Hawkman/Hawkgirl) would be popping up as the Kryptonians once conquered their race, and the race on Saturn would ALSO be laying out some warnings after NK began shuffling moons around like the galaxy was their living room. With other planets already confirmed for involvement, one could easily see this growing into being THE event of 2010.

- James Robinson is taking over Justice League. Having already been tapped to write the long-awaited mini-series Cry for Justice, it was only natural to pick him for the job after DC noticed previous writer Dwayne McDuffie explaining it was DC's fault for making the book suck so bad. With the League selling far lower than its supposed to after so many false starts and half-hearted stories created to lead into one story or tie into another, they're definitely in need of something that will bring the readers back, so with so many rumors of the League becoming two books with one being written by either Greg Rucka or Geoff Johns, its certainly possible this would be the book to watch for DC's next big tentpole. (Of course, I'm not yet willing to say that Superman's current problems won't become so big they'll simply spill over naturally into the Justice League anyway. Interplantary war DOES seem like the sort of thing they would handle.)

As far as Marvel, there's just a bunch of rumors swirling around right at this point. Only thing confirmed is that "the third act to the story started with Civil War" isn't too far away. Other than that, all we have are hints and guesses. First off, writer J. Michael Stracynski leaving Thor due to an oncoming line-wide crossover. Second off, Cap writer Ed Brubaker is finally bringing back Steve Rogers. A tease during the last big con (Wizard World? Heroes Con? One of the two--both happened simultaneously) hinted that, maybe, just perhaps, after Steve was inserted into the Marvel U proper, he, Thor, and Iron Man might possibly all be on the same team when it was finally time to take Norman Osborn down. This is possibly the coolest thing ever, since we haven't seen the three on one team since Geoff wrote the Avengers back when I was an underclassman in high school and Thor left the team due to differences with Cap and Tony.

We don't know anything concrete yet though, and given that Matt Fraction is hinting that things get better, not worse for Tony following World's Most Wanted (more on that maybe in a different column, as I find it stupid, a bit), and one would think on the agenda for Tony after 12 issues of running from, well, everybody, as well as growing progressively more stupid, would be an arc involving getting him back to where he should be as a hero, hopefully getting a new armor in the process, particularly if he's about to join a team to take on the villains who're currently media darlings and running basically everything right now.

What it comes down to is that we should've found out SOMETHING about their tentpoles for the next year, no matter when they were debuting. We don't need to know everything about them--all I'm asking for is a poster, a title for the event and the creative team. Throw that up there and let us guess about the rest. Answer no questions. (Give NO interviews, too. If you're not giving out info, please don't take interviews solely so you can say, "I really can't talk about that right now..." Contrary to what you think, this kills hype.)

* The writer of Thor. I'm sorry, this really wasn't that big of a deal, and JMS's run is over before the year is even out. Someone ASKED about this and they literally said it was too soon to talk about it. So...when are you intending to talk about it? At a Cup O'Joe panel on CBR? It won't get even half the publicity it could have gotten at the con.

* When Grant Morrison is writing Bruce's (Batman's) return. Here again, we're not looking for major information. No need to spill what all is going to happen, but you and I all know Grant's Batman and Robin comic is only plotted for 12 issues, so we've got roughly a year between now and Bruce's return. (Ten months, essentially.) So tell me this: Why no info on this? Is it a mini or a part of Morrison's ongoing? What's the projected release date This isn't like Marvel with Captain America--you've got too many characters and books relying on this to stretch this out the way they have. (Reports say Brubaker originally only intended to keep Steve gone for four months.) Eight titles focus around or exclusively on Batman, so its highly doubtful a response strong enough to keep this going for longer than the original year will occur, so come on.

* Gail Simone's next big project. She's doing amazing work on Wonder Woman as well as the villains only book Secret Six, and there's been a third book in the works for her since last year, if my memory serves me correctly. Are we seeing the new Batwoman here, where we're going to be waiting on this project for 3 years? Hopefully not. Its supposed to be a "huge" project, so what better place to unveil than here?

* Kurt Busiek's next project. The guy just came out of Trinity where he roughly cranked out four titles a month. Still under contract at DC, so he's GOTTA have something, plus for all of us who saw the tail end of Trinity? There's got to be a HUGE project he's working on remaining under wraps right now, and it might have been the only way to pull the rug from under Marvel when they announced they got the rights to Marvelman. (Having read Alan Moore's version of Marvelman, Miracleman, I have to say that I could not be less interested right now.)

* The next weekly. This one's a gimme. No, seriously--Wednesday Comics is running for another two months and then they're done. The entire project was finished ages ago, so where better to hype the fifth weekly, launching in (hopefully) early 2010? By the way though, smart move guys. Give the weekly buyers a break for a few months. Diminishing returns (as well as it being insanely hard to top their initial series, which got all the top DC writers aside from Kurt Busiek on a single comic) has lead to lower sales on every weekly thus far--a break of 3-5 months is a brilliant idea, so when you start talking about the weekly comic project again people may be more willing to shell out the $$ for them.

What do you think faithful readers? Could I be unreasonable in my requests here, or am I right and this con was way underrated? I believe I'm on point this time. Even G4's coverage didn't pop up until TODAY, and there was only *one* day of it and its not even being re-aired.

Ah well. All-in-all, comics are telling some good stories right now--some might even say *great* ones, so don't think I'm being all down on DC and Marvel--I just want to know what happened.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Song of the Day: Call Him Up

Gotta love these new school hymns, as I call them. This us another song I used to hear in church as a kid, and I love it almost as much as I Will Sing Hallelujah. Especially given how infectious the song and its beat is.

Song of the Day: James Cleveland: Jesus Is The Best Thing

"I changed the words".   James Cleveland is actually responsible for the first "reeeeeemix!"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Song of the Day - NJMC: I Will Sing Hallelujah

This sounds like a new song, but its actually over a decade or so old. I remember the choir singing this song when I was close to seven or eight years old, and the lyrics being so catchy that I'd find myself singing them even after I'd left church. Not the worst thing that could've happened back then, really.

Song of the Day - James Cleveland: Don't Feel No Ways Tired

Gotta love these songs by the legendary Reverend James Cleveland. Especially the inspirational ones like this.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Song of the Day - Masami Okui: Key

Masami Okui is your favorite J-Pop singer's favorite J-Pop singer. You heard. She does composition, lyric writing, and singing at such a superlative level...she is just in a higher echelon.

Hope you love the song:

Music Video of the Day - Do As Infinity: Mahou no Kotoba

Roughly translated as Would You Marry Me?, just watching the video you can tell the band had likely wayyyy too much fun making it.

I discovered Do As Infinity thanks to Inuyasha's 2nd and 5th openings (Fukai Mori and Shinjitsu no Uta, respectively), along with a select few songs from their first album, Break of Dawn..  While the album this comes from, Gates of Heaven, is a bit of a letdown, there are still quite a few gems to be found.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Song of the Day - Do As Infinity: Koiotome

Do As Infinity, even though they broke up a few years ago, is STILL my favorite band. (I guess I'll be kicking it in the corner with the X-Japan fans. ...What's that? They got together? Ain't this about a bitch?)

Oh well. Koiotome? One of the greatest songs they ever did, off possibly their best album--Deep Forest. Ryo definitely kicked ass with his guitar this entire song. I just really love the intensity of Koiotome, so when I listen to it it stays in my head and forces me to play the entire album over and over again, dragging me back into an nearly endless spiral of sweet, sweet J-Rock lovin'. Mmmm...have a taste. Try not to get addicted, k?

Music Video of the Day - Masami Okui: Kiss in the Dark

Thought you deserved a bit of weekend awesomeness, so I'm hitting you with a double shot of Masami Okui and, someone else for the song of the day that's almost as awesome.

...Did NOT expect the dancing. I confess, its not like, Billie Jean-era MJ quality, but I feel like my girl could've really got down if she wasn't stuck with that mic. Shame.

Sage's TheLinkUp 6: Pre-SDCC Edition

Look for TheLinkUp 7 next week, probably around...Wednesday, maybe? I know SDCC is over Sunday, but a LOT of panel information will pour in over the next few days *after* that. Right now the only thing people wanna hear about are the big movies, and the comic stuff--mostly from the Big Two. Which is cool, 'cause outside of superhero comics I really ain't reading comics anyway, I do manga. But there's still some relevant stuff that will hit up to two, or three days after SDCC.

Warren Ellis tapped to write the Four Marvel Comics Anime Series Coming Out This Spring. [Newsarama]

20 Answers with Dan Didio 7/16/09 [Newsarama]

Ragnarok Online DS [RPGamer]

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen DLC...actually good? (G1
Starscream!) [1Up]

Valkyria Chronicles 2! Awesome!

Natasha Romanoff: Year One by Paul Cornell? [Blog@Newsarama]

DC Comics...has movies coming out??
[Hollywood Reporter]

DC Solicitations for October 2009 [ComicBookResources]

Teen Titans writer Felicia Henderson interview [CBR]

Why I Can't Have A Japanese Phone [NYTimes]

Writer of Iron Man discusses...writing Iron Man (The Game)

Interview with Grant Morrison
[The Onion AVClub]

New Technology Could One Day Make a Manned Trip To Mars Feasible

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Song of the Day - Lupe Fiasco: Kick Push

Just a bit more hip-hop. From a rising star in the game, Lupe Fiasco. Song speaks for itself. Give it two playthroughs so you hear everything, though.

Music Video of the Day - Asian Kung-Fu Generation: Rewrite

Keshite! REWRITE-TO SHITE! KUDARANAI CHOU GENSOU...whoops. Sorry. Kinda got caught up with the chorus of this song. Check the link to see the full video, like always.

Little more J-Rock--track two off the legendary Sol-Fa album. Rewrite is an opening to one of...well, I wouldn't call it a favorite, but one of the best anime to make it over here to America in the past five or so years: Full Metal Alchemist. If you ever get the chance, watch it--you'll thank me. Anyway. Enjoy the vid.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Music Video of the Day (Extra!) - Boyz II Men: Motownphilly

Little more R&B/New Jack for you. Back in school we used to dream about this everyday! Could it really happen? Or do dreams just fade away?

Then we started singing and they said it sounds smooth! So we started a group and here we are, kicking it just for you!!

Music Video of the Day - Bell Biv DeVoe: Poison

I was told to never trust a big butt and a smile.  If you don't recognize this song, turn in your Child of the 80's card. I'm not joking. We need it back. This is a straight up classic for anyone from that era, or even if you're from the 90's like me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Song of the Day - Art School: Shiela

Haven't done any rock music in a bit. Can't let that slide or people might say I only like rap music again.

Art School is, near as I can tell, a good band on the verge of becoming amazing. Occasionally they pull out a song like this, and you're just absolutely amazed at the quality, but from what I've heard thus far, this is less rule, more exception. Shame, too, 'cause this song is sooo kick-arse.

Music Video of the Day - Kanye West: Jesus Walks

Initially I planned on hitting ya'll with a little R&B/New Jack Swing-type stuff, but I ain't feel that fit very well coming out of all that gospel music, so here's your transition.

I'll get more into Kanye West later:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Song of the Day - Hezekiah Walker (William Murphy Project): Praise Is What I Do

Here's an old one, for me. I've been hearing this song for years, but not until early last year did I get it for my mom, who'd been asking me for a new Gospel CD for her for a while. Great message--one that, as a Christian, we must always keep in mind. Its not easy, but life should never deter you from your walk with Jesus. (...I feel bad. That seems so alien coming from me, but I've thought that way for years. One supposes I should do better putting that side of me out there, verbally as well as through my actions, which I hope show this side all the time.)

Music Video of the Day - Marvin Sapp: Never Would Have Made It

...This one I heard while I was sitting in my church some months back. We had a guest choir and this guy got up and sang the heck out of this song. I don't listen to the radio--gospel and nothing else--unless I'm riding with my mother, which I hadn't done in ages, so I'd never heard this song, but my mom knew every word and immediately after he finished singing she poked me to find this for her.

Of course, I did--took a bit (gospel songs are hard to find on the internet), but after hours of intensive search (re: Limewire), I found it, which is why I'm passing it on to you guys now.

...Speaking of Never Would Have...I Never Would Have Known that this had a music video! Well. Check it out, folks.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Song of the Day - Kirk Franklin: Brighter Day

...Y'know, to take three weeks to finally put a Kirk Franklin song on here is kind of shocking, isn't it? I mean the guy's probably the most "mainstream" gospel artist there is, I just don't listen to him all that frequently. However, I love this song, so here we are.

...I'd never wear that shirt, but then again my life is a better billboard for Jesus than my chest.

(Live) Video of the Day - Vicky Winans: Long As I Got King Jesus

Right, right...this one's very old-school, bur every now and again we can use that. Saints and ain'ts, I want to introduce you to a gospel legend--Vickie Winans.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Song of the Day - Crystal Kay: What Time Is It

Its Crystal Kay day today--my girl Kuri knows how to drop the club hits, right? This is during her younger years, probably released while she was 17-18 or so. 4Real is probably my favorite album of hers, aside from maybe Crystal Style. So many hits--like I Like It, Can't Be Stopped, Candy, etc...

This is one of those songs that, when I hear it, I can't help but want to dance. I don't, 'cause I can't, but I DO want to. :D Tell me if you feel the same way.

Music Video of the Day - Crystal Kay: Kirakuni

Here Crystal Kay gets down with a song that's almost entirely in English. Personally I think this could be a hit in America if marketed right--which would involve a new video, since this one's so traditionally Japanese.

Which, actually, is the good part about the video. No doubt an intentional incongruity since the song is so "modern".

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Music Video of the Day (Extra!) - Ron Isley feat. R. Kelly: Contagious

Put up a song, now adding a video on here as well to match up. Ron Isley and R. Kelly's Contagious.

I confess, if I haven't told you before, I love videos that seem to tell stories. Especially when the song is telling a story as well so they match up? That's when the video enters the Hall of Fame for me.

Short of some MJ videos, there aren't many that tell a story better than Contagious does. Serious song, serious video, but there're STILL some moments you'll find yourself laughing. I remember when this video first dropped and everything--I was in seventh grade and EVERYBODY was singing. Myself included, which is rare because I don't follow "trends", but this was just an undeniably cold song. Especially since it was kind of the sequel to the Down Low (warning: that's another "movie" type song) video.

Doing this Ron Isley spotlight 'cause I heard that they threw my boy in jail for back taxes. That's a shame too, 'cause all them videos in the early part of this decade he did playing sugar daddy to all them young chicks, you'd THINK he'd have had money. Certainly enough to not have trouble paying freaking taxes.

Song of the Day (Extra!) - The Isley Brothers - Between the Sheets

Little extra heat today. This is DJ Sage, back with some old-school flavor in ya ear. We're going way back (back into time!) with a little joint from the early 80's from soul supergroup The Isley Brothers.

Once again this is station WRAB--one of the only stations found in the multiverse run primarily by bunnies--giving you the hits from all eras and all genres. Keep it locked!

Song of the Day: Joe - All The Things (Your Man Won't Do)

Wanted to do this for a while, but the video to this is, sadly, only upped by the label, so embedding is turned off. (WHY DO THAT?) Too bad too, 'cause I hear Claudia Jordan (of Foxxhole fame...or Celebrity Apprentice, I guess) is the leading lady in it and she's fine as a motherf...oh, sorry, got distracted. *coughs*

Joe's All The Things is an old, old song. And while I love it, I really had no intention of putting it up just yet, but then I heard dude had a new album coming out. Joe's nice with the R&B sounds, so I'm checking it out and in honor OF that, we get this song.

...I loved this song when I was a boy and heard it back in the day. Memorized it, even. (One day I'll let ya'll hear me.) At ONE point it was just a cute romantic song that I liked...but y'know...if it could help me snatch a female or two away from some of these dues that's out here slacking...*coughs* I'll just say it might have some OTHER uses and leave it at that! On to the song!

Sorry it makes you stare at Joe all that time--not my upload, obviously. ^^

Music Video of the Day - Keri Hilson: Knock You Down

Its been R&B week here at JiH, but that's okay. I love a good song now and again. Well, ok--I was in an R&B mood at FIRST, but today I went with R&B for a different reason.

Keri Hilson's Knock You Down is one of the catchiest songs out there right now, with lyrics I can actually co-sign on, plus one of those beats that when you hear it you just have to move: Perfect Combination. /fake Japanese accent

In fact, the song is so great, I intend to get Keri Hilson's In A Perfect World.. album some time today, which is my reasoning for putting this on here, hopefully convincing a few of my friends to go out and get her album as well.

...Man, I was unaware Keri Hilson was that fine. I would go at that with a Fishnet Condom...(but that video is not a good one in her PR department told her it made her look like a bitch? SOMEBODY had to. Ah well. Just a video, and she's still a great singer and gorgeous to boot.)

BTW, Kanye? Stick to rapping. You were good, rapping on this track--no need to T-Pain it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sage's TheLinkUp 5

Some interesting things in this one.

Unlocking Characters Outdated? [1Up]

Dragon Quest IX announced to be the hardest Dragon Quest game, no one cares. [Destructoid]

Viz Announces Shounen Sunday Magazine [Newsarama]

Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan

Cosby Show Porno Parody--completely HILARIOUS! (Definitely NSFW.) [TSS]

Web of Spider-Man announced. Spidey at 4 titles a month. Marvel's halfway to bringing back the 90's. []

Eric Wallace (writer on Eureka) discusses his upcoming Titans run

Green Lantern Video Game? Pure win.

Geoff Johns Prime 2

We're very Green Lantern-centric, but given that this month is the GLC's biggest in five years, why not?

Song of the Day: When A Woman's Fed Up

...Didn't wanna say this in the last one, 'cause it was supposed to be somewhat solemn and whatnot, but...when was the last time you seen Timbaland in a song? I caught We Need A Resolution on XM Radio weeks ago and when I heard "Girl, holler...!" and I was like, "Oh shit! What happened to THAT nigga?" Last time *I* seen dude was with the Missy Elliot video, came out in like, eighth grade? (2002) ...The really weird one in the sewers and junk that always made me change the channel when the line about spitting came up and like, either Timbaland or Missy spits out and the other one caught it in their MOUTH. In the words of SO many people..."I ain't really need to see that."

ANYWAY! I could care less about R. Kelly, really.

The controversy, most of his music (You Remind Me Of My Jeep really ain't do it for me)...its whatever, really. But this song? THIS song? (This shit right here nigga? /Katt Williams)

Yeah. The Mario Winans song was all of my relationships from my perspective, and this would the song that illustrates them from the woman's perspective. I loved this song when I first heard it, back when I was like 10-11--used to sing it all the time, and it always puzzled me. Don't know about the video, but the LYRICS never really hinted at the guy cheating, so I wondered how he could do all the nice things said in the second verse and the woman could still leave him. I know now.

Music Video of the Day - Aaliyah: We Need A Resolution

Still seem to be in some kind of R&B mood, so I thought I'd go with a little old school.

Aaliyah was a rising star who was mega-popular when she died, and she was really *just* getting started when she we lost her. Lady was mad talented, and I loved so many of her songs--the music game is most definitely poorer without her. (Oh, and the lady was absolutely gorgeous. When she's in the sunglasses? These singers today should be so lucky to look that fine.)

True entertainer. Girl had it all--the looks, the voice, the dance moves...were she here today, she'd be a diva on the level of Beyonce.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Song of the Day - Case: Happily Ever After

I love this song. No, no really. I REALLY love this song. Back when I was a better person romantically and believed I'd fall in love and all that stuff, I always saw myself using (singing it, I mean) this one song to show how much I cared for the woman I loved.

...And now I'm kinda thinking of how I can use it to get a girl to let me go raw. Listen to it, you'll see what I mean:

(Live) Video of the Day - Mario Winans: I Don't Wanna Know

Heard this song on the Foxxhole a few weeks back, thought it was great.

...Am a bit disturbed that it describes how nearl...okay, ALL of my relationships, ever, went, but the past is the past, and its behind me. Doesn't stop THIS from being an kick-ass R&B song, either.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Song of the Day - James Cleveland: Lord, Help Me To Hold Out

You gotta love these James Cleveland songs.

They make you feel like you're in one of those old churches. Y'know, the really old ones you find out in the country. Old and hot--no AC so you can find fans ALL over the place, and they work REALLY well, but you better have some arm strength on you 'cause you're gonna be in there for about 2-3 hours. Listen--you'll get my meaning.

Bunnies passing out fans to your left.

Music Video of the Day - Deitrick Haddon: God Didn't Give Up (on Me)

Gospel Mondays too. Another song my mom loves, but it grew on me so I love it too.

Christians? Get this on paper: Forgiveness is vital. Of others, and even of yourself.

Had NO idea this had a video. Still. Hope you enjoyed.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Song of the Day - James Cleveland: Peace Be Still

Who hasn't heard of James Cleveland? Its really not possible if you're a fan of gospel. Man was an amazing doing classic hyms and whatnot.

Peace Be Still is an especially great one. The organist's music matches up so well with the tone of the lyrics, you get caught up before you know it listening to it.

Music Video of the Day - Yolanda Adams: I Got The Victory

Alright, its Gospel Sunday! I really can't do too many of these because my gospel collection isn't quite as big, but you HEATHENS could use a little bit of Jesus in your lives, so two weeks in a row isn't a problem.

This song is more my mom's than mine (she's a *big* fan of it), but its still a great song with an insanely catchy hook. ...Y'know, sometimes I feel gospel has gotten a little too "club-ish", but THESE lyrics definitely came straight up out the church.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Song of the Day - AKFG - 24ji

Little more Japanese stuff, this time on the J-Rock side of things. Asian Kung-Fu Generation is a great band, and Sol-fa, the album this song comes from, is one of, if not their BEST, album. Seriously, I love 9 tracks on the album, and the other 3 are good as well, I just don't like them quite as much.

Music Video of the Day - Crystal Kay: Bye My Darling

I haven't been getting down too hard with the Japanese stuff this week. I listen to way too much of it to do that, so here's a song by another artist I absolutely love, Crystal Kay.

The video's kinda odd (in the future, we will all get down with robots!), but the song's a lot of fun--more from Japan's ever-growing J-Urban genre. (What can I say? They liked WildStyle.) I love the "anger" in her voice during the verses that's reflected through the music with the guitar and the switch-over to the sweetness during the chorus that's equally reflected when they drop the guitar and switch over to the lighter music.

Has Gaming...Gotten Lazy?

I realize I get a little nostalgic on JiH, sometimes. And sometimes I go on these long rants about how much better things used to be.

...Not apologizing for that, so don't get excited. Its my site and I get to do that. However, I do want to say that's NOT what I'm doing this time, since I'm about to pose a rather important question:

Has gaming gotten lazy?

Understand that I'm an avid gamer, and I'm the first one to roll my eyes when gamers bitch and moan about a sequel to a good game coming out. Bitching that does not stop even though the sequel's good. As far as I'm concerned, a good game is a good game--be happy you got another one to feed your addiction.

That having been said...does anyone else feel like they could be doing more, with gaming? In this cynical culture, I guess asking that would net me (or whoever asked it) an instant yes or "of course", but hold on a sec.

To go a little deeper, are WE to blame for that? What I mean is, the life cycle for a videogame console is anywhere from five to seven years. That seems like a "long" time, and I guess it SORT OF is, but good games often take two years or so to come out. That's anywhere from one-third to one-half to a console's life cycle.

Viewing it like that, it seems kind of easy for developers to just hand us the same old same old stuff from PS1 to PS2 to PS3. I mean, since games have entered the mainstream culture of the world, what do we get, really? The yearly sports games, sequels to some good action games, GTA knock-offs, a few Square-Enix RPGs with some pretty boys everyone mistakes for girls, and some lackluster fantasy RPGs. And a LOT of freaking FPS games.

But who's really pushing the limits of what these systems can do? Or even pushing the limits of where you can go and what you can do with different genres?

Everybody's losing their shit over the next Gears of War, meanwhile games like Faith and a .45 (, third person shooting games that take place in environments we really haven't gotten a chance to see very often, like the mid-west during the Great Depression, get forgotten about.

We as gamers are letting developers get lazy. All we see is fantasy, dystopian future, WW2, desert combat settings. And they can get by doing that because all they have to do is drop sports games every year, drop sequels to proven sucesses every 2-3 years, drop a few Western and J-RPGs that are generally nothing special, and that's that.

This is not to say I'm not excited about some games--I definitely am--I'm just wondering why aren't we doing more? Like BioWare's Jade Empire--an RPG set in a mythical version of ancient China. That was something new--we don't get to see games like that very often.

Alpha Protocol too. Not my sort of game, but its an action RPG where you get to play a spy. We need games like that.

We can even do work with genres we've seen before. So long as they elevate the genre a bit. Where's the open-ended fantasy game that...actually looks INTERESTING? Every game I hear about, the selling point is that its linear, but they never tell you what you're actually DOING in it.

I'd love a space faring RPG (think Rogue Galaxy) where you got to visit at least a dozen different planets. Or a fantasy RPG where more goes on than you saving the world. Maybe the game world also has you quell strife between warring races independent of the main task. Maybe recruiting an elven character is REALLY difficult because he doesn't like hybrids, and you're half-human. We have to stop being content with letting them skate by with the same old games that are either cash grabs, failures, or good but still not all that different from other games out already.

That's another problem these days. The cost of games is going up all the time, and yet for some reason the playtime seems to be dropping. A lot of games these days give you 10-12 hours and people act like that's fine. How is this NOT a waste of your money? The amount of work that goes into them--the money you pay for them--no game should be shorter than 20-25 hours, and RPGs...sure, you should be able to finish the CRUCIAL things in 30-40 hours, but I'd have no complaints if beating everything in the game (like, every single thing) took upwards of 300 hours.

I don't want to drone on when I think people get my point, I'm just saying...could we give a little more thought, be a little more creative in terms of genres and settings we explore in gaming? Can we be a little more creative in terms of how we push a game's processor aside from making the graphics pretty? (I'll detail this more as I do more This Should Really Be A Game columns.)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Song of the Day - Lauryn Hill: Lost Ones

I had to don my DJ hat to put this song on JiH. Lauryn Hill isn't all that prolific in the game, but she's definitely one of the best female lyricists out there and a true legend in the game. (But I ain't calling no one that's not in they fifties "Ms. Hill"--she'll have to settle for me using her full name instead of just her first.)

Anyway, Lauryn Hill brings the heat on this track, playing the role of both lyricist *and* vocalist, displaying how expertly she can pull off both roles. Like I said though--cutting down on these words and going straight for the enjoy!

Man I'm with Kanye--"Lauryn Hill said her heart was in Zion/I wish her heart still was in rhyming", 'cause the game could really use more talented female lyricists.

Music Video of the Day - Heavy D: No Matter What

Hey its DJ Sage back up in this joint with a new song from a classic artist! Anyone in their 20's has GOT to know who Heavy D is. Man has done so much in the hip-hop game, and last year he released a new album which was actually more along the line of reggae, and it was pretty cold. Here's one of the singles (I'm guessing, since it had a video), called No Matter What.

Enjoy the tunes, and once again its DJ Sage from WRAB--one of the few stations in the multiverse run primarily by bunnies--keeping your computer/cell phone bumping every day with only the best music from the best artists of every era and every genre! Keep it locked! (Or bookmarked!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Song of the Day - Michael Jackson: PYT!

I can't front. I was mostly a fan of MJ's big big BIG hits. Thriller, Billy Jean, Rock with You, Remember the Time, Rock my World--that stuff (and Butterflies, which was just cold). But I got the Thriller album a couple weeks ago--not that 25th anniversary crap, the ORIGINAL. This song was cold.

But we're going to cut it down on the words and try to go straight to the video!

(Live) Video of the Day - Stevie Wonder: I Never Thought You'd Leave In Summer

From the MJ Memorial. The greatest entertainer is given a send-off by the greatest musician. Stevie does a great job, considering how broken up he must've been at the time.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Song of the Day - ShinSight Trio: Early Dayz Amazement

Its been a bit, but we're BACK with the hip-hop up in here! You gotta love it!

Okay, today we're going very, very indy with the hip-hop, with a song from a group called ShinSight Trio called Early Dayz Amazement. I kinda hate to give you guys this song since from the look of their page(, its like their "Freebird", if you get the reference, but its too good to pass up.

Both the music and lyrics combine to give you this feeling of almost euphoric nostalgia (which is an oxymoron, for those who know the definition of nostalgia), and its so universal that even though the artist is rapping about some events specific to his life, it can still take you back to your youth and make you remember all the fun times you had then and make you realize how far you've come.

This song, and songs like this, are why when people tell me rap sucks I lose respect for them.

(Live) Video of the Day - Sara Bareilles: Bottle It Up

Bet you didn't see THIS coming, huh? Like a lot of people, I started liking Sara Bareilles (always forget that first e in her last name...) when she got Love Song onto that Rhapsody commercial--I decided I just had to have her album, so I went out and got it...absolutely fantastic stuff.

She's got this really powerful, almost soulful voice that comes across clearly in every song she sings. I don't know what she's going to do for her sophomore outing, but Little Voice was one of the best albums of 2007, and one of the best albums I have.

I hesitate to call it "pop music" because I don't really feel its that. I don't really want to call it Folk music because its not that either. I don't know how to classify it. But I love singers who know their way around a piano (like Sara or Alicia), and have strong, powerful voices (see previous parenthetical notation).

Anyway, let me shut up, 'cause this live is too good for you to waste your time focused on my yakking.

I think I love her live performance even more than I do the album version! These days, that says a LOT.

Song of the Day - Tony Toni Tone: Anniversary

You GOTTA love this song, if you're a REAL fan of the nineties like I am. Tony Toni Tone was one of the coldest R&B groups of the late eighties/early nineties. My personal favorite isn't really this song, but we'll get into that one later.

For now, just check THIS song out. And, if you got a girl, it just might be a good idea to remember this song come your anniversary. Just trying to help you out. ;)

Video of the Day - UVERworld: Colors of the Heart

I wanted to kick off the next set with a nice J-Rock song. So I went with UVERworld's Colors of the Heart--either the second, or the third(?) opening to Blood+.

...You ever, as an anime fan, watch an anime for some reason on Cable, and think its absolutely dreadful, but the music is great? That's Blood+. Aozora no Namida, Colors of the Heart, and a few other songs are all great stuff. But let's not just take my word for it:

(If it takes long to load, its 'cause this is HD.)

Song of the Day - Byron Cage: Thou Art A Shield For Me (Psalms 3)

I've loved this song for years. I love all the work they put into it--and the lyrics were always some of my favorite in all of my gospel songs. So naturally I was shocked to find out that the song is from the book of Psalms, chapter 3, almost verbatim. Not sure WHY, seeing as how David intended them to be songs from the beginning

I do wonder what David's version sounded like, though. (I'm a nerd. I truly do compare all things. :D)

Anyhow. Video time!

(Live) Video of the Day: Richard Smallwood - Total Praise

Okay, I'm a little behind on these videos. So, here come a few. Need some more gospel music, so those first.

Total Praise is kinda... I liked it for quite a while, but then I heard it sung at my uncle's funeral. Which, if you've been paying attention, was a big deal for me. I confess, it took on a larger meaning to me, then, hearing it sung so well and so beautifully, and to learn it was his favorite song was...*sighs*

Just watch the song everybody.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Anime 2009 Picks

There's the list for this season. I'm a little late, since I usually have my picks out several weeks prior to any premieres, but as it is I believe a few of these are already out. Oh well. Click the image to see the series and their descriptions.

For those at home paying attention, Summer--much like Winter--are the "off" seasons. Most shows tend to run for 26 or 52 episodes, which means the major seasons are always Spring and Fall. Still, if you look carefully, you can find interesting stuff anyway--which is why I'm posting this!

Weiss Survive

Why I'm Interested:
I'm a sucker for card games, I admit it. Weiss Survive is quite the interesting program, though I've yet to watch it. Its apparently a parody of card game anime (which can defnitely be warranted sometimes, even if I do like them), that's sixteen eps total, and only two and a half minutes long.

How Long Am I Keeping It Around: 2 minutes, 30 seconds, for good. Basically I normally leave 5 episodes in unless its great, but at that many episodes here--I'd be done with 12 minutes of a series that's only 40 minutes long. No sense in quitting 1/4th of the way in, I think.

Element Hunters

Why I'm Interested:
The base idea. Not only original, but interesting. Chemical elements vanishing from Earth? There's no shortage of story potential for something like THAT. And I already love stories with multiple planets.

How Long Am I Keeping It Around: No idea. Depends on how well written the plot is (I know, hilarious isn't it?). If its good enough to take my mind off how those outfits look and how much I dislike anorexic character design like the one in the promo pic, I'll keep watching it.

Princess Lover

Why I'm Interested:
Honestly? The promo picture just looks cool. Today I'm that shallow. The knight chick in the background looks cool, so this is what I'm going on at the moment.

How Long Am I Keeping It Around: This all depends. This won't be an action series, so my interest has a limit. I'll do my best to--as always--check out the first five episodes. If it turns out to be amusing enough with a wide array of characters, I'll definitely keep it around. One doesn't want to get stale sticking with action anime all the time.

Spice and Wolf II

Why I'm Interested:
Saw the first season, well, part of it, during its initial airing. Really excellent work, and I hoped to see more of it. That said, I didn't FINISH it, so that should answer the second question...

Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou

Why I'm Interested:
Can't help liking modern-day shows involving magic. Something about the incongruence of them that make me interested. Anyhow, unlike the other modern-day magic show I saw a while back, this one sounds entertaining, and its quite intriguing that all the main characters appear to female, too.

How Long Am I Keeping It Around: They'd have to SERIOUSLY screw it up for me not to try and watch this entire thing. No joke. Love the character designs, like the genre, like the base idea...they'd have to go against all my expectations for me to not want this.

Ah well. Anyhow. Only 4 series. May actually be able to follow them all this time. Huh. Sweet.

Next feature should have something to do with games. We'll see. Right now I wanna sleep.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Song of the (Day) Century - Lionel Richie - Jesus is Love

Gospel ain't so much with the videos, so we're doing two Song of the Days for today. (You can make an exception for the Lord! :D)

My mom introduced me to this song, and I really do find it one of the most beautiful gospel songs out there, though surprisingly by a guy who's not really a gospel singer--Lionel Richie from the Commodores. Ah well. Give a listen.

Song of the Day - Williams Brothers: I'm Just a Nobody

Its easy to forget, what with all the craziness on JiH, that amidst all these other parts of me I show, I'm also a Christian. Since I post music here now, I decided I couldn't just not post any gospel music.

That said, it won't be frequent. I don't love *all* gospel songs, so I'll be using these sparingly so as not to run out.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sage's TheLinkUp 4

This is late. Apologies on that. Hoping to make it more frequent--we'll see how that works out. Most of these links will be current, by the way.

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Song of the Day - Little Brother: Speed

I've talked about Little Brother before, and I can really go on about them cats ad nauseum 'cause they really are where I feel like hip-hop needs to go. I've gone in depth on that too, but I don't need to here. Just, listen to the song.

Listen to it more than once. Both Big Pooh and Phonte are excellent MCs, but Phonte's verse in particular should speak to anyone, no matter the ethnicity, and the lines are so clever you can't catch it all in one go.

Music Video of the Day - m-flo - miss you (feat. Ryohei Yamamoto and Melody.)

Okay, so I can't remember if I've said or not, but I'm actually quite the fan of Japanese hip-hop. The first time I heard it I admit I was tripping at the idea of hip-hop being done in the language I normally watch anime in, but I liked it. But I really didn't pay much attention to them until I copped their Astromantic album a full year later, like around the end of Fall Semester when I was a Junior in HS.

There was something about the album, what my life was like back then, and just the whole "mood" of the winter season that all just clicked for me, and I ended up playing that thing for a month and a half. School, in transit, home--wherever--I was rocking m-flo's third album...

But I never would've done it if THIS song hadn't hooked me.

This was during the time where I wasn't really hearing no music that ain't come off my mom's gospel station or from my CD Player/hard drive. I was so sick of all the new stuff, which was so boring, so this song really struck a chord with me. There was a certain old-school-ness to this song that I loved from the very first line. Listen, maybe you'll see my meaning.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Song of the Day - Kanye West: Glory

Okay, enough of this break-up nonsense. Time to switch to something more upbeat.

If you're wondering why I like Kanye West, especially after the little "gay fish" episode they did of South Park or whatever, the opening line of this song should help.

"Can I talk my shit again/Even if, I don't hit again/Dawg, are you FUCKING kidding?"

That. The confidence, the arrogance--THAT resonates with me. I've been an arrogant guy for years now, so Kanye's "I'm better than you" lyrics always make me chuckle, and he says them with such conviction you really believe that he's the best sometimes. (It ain't TRUE, but if he can make you believe it, that's talent.) I know South Park got on him because of his arrogance and I guess it could be toned down a little in real life, but in his songs? FUCK THAT. That's what makes him stand out--I LOVE it.

Anyways--video time, people!

Music Video of the Day - Kanye West: Heartless

I just broke up (sorta), so I felt I should get at least one song to represent the break-up. This is the only one out there right now I tolerate, so this is the one that gets the play. (Don't get me wrong though, this doesn't really sum up what went down or anything--nothing really does, other than my initial post on it, which is viewed through Sage's Humor Lenses ©. Although really, if I told you guys what actually happened, you wouldn't believe me and think I was still joking.)

While we're at it? The hate Kanye got for 808's and Heartbreaks, the album this song is from, is insulting. Dude dropped three albums that were FIRE. (Well, I ain't really like Late Registration, but everybody else seemed to.) Two of them, in my opinion, are classics--the FIRST one's eventually going to be legendary, IMO, and yet he drops one album that ain't really all that and people pretend like he was the One-Hit Wonder who fell off. Sometimes, you humans...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Song of the Day - Jamie Foxx: I Don't Know

Little more J-Foxx love. Intuition was the only R&B album I copped in 08 'cause though I love to sing...I also love when people sing songs that MAKE me wanna sing and...R&B these days don't make me wanna do that. But Intuition brought the heat, especially with THIS song, which is like some old school 70's Motown/Stax kinda stuff--the shit I grew up listening to riding with all the old people in my family (lol, no offense) when they had the old-school soul radio stations on.

Its okay, play it one more time--you know you want to.

Video of the Day - Jamie Foxx: Blame It

I'm a huge Jamie Foxx fan. Watched his television show back when The WB was mostly just a block on WGN and actually had mostly black comedy shows on (this was a LONG time ago folks--it was The Jamie Foxx Show, The Steve Harvey Show, The Wayans Bros., The Parent Hood, and Seventh that I think about it, that was SO wrong...Seventh Heaven was for the wholesome people while the other shows were for all the heathens, rofl), caught his comedy specials and thought THOSE were hilarious, then when I found out dude could sing I was blown away. (Funny dudes generally can't sing the draws off these females...I mean I can, but I'm special.) Anyway, I copped his last album, which had a few gems but wasn't really all that special...

THIS one though? Classic. 15 tracks, seven I really love, five more I like a lot. And I know, I know, for a while they played the fuck outta this song, but I don't listen to the radio. :D And most of the people I hang with don't either, so go ahead and have a listen to the best club song to come out last year, and so far THIS year too.

Yes. That was Ron freaking Howard. Motherfreaking Richie Cunningham. I have NO IDEA how Jamie Foxx got him, nevermind ALL THOSE OTHER STARS to be in this! I ain't know THAT many niggas saw Stealth.

Song of the Day: Hall and Oates: I Can't Go For That

No can do! Hah.

Hall and Oates again, this time one of the most popular songs they have--I Can't Go For That, which is one of the few songs that managed to penetrate the heavily "blacks only" soul charts back in the day, and STILL has remixes of it by rap artists.

I've always liked the message: No sweetheart, I won't change for you. You already have my body, but I'm not giving up my soul. No, I won't give up who I am. No, I won't watch Death Note. (LMAO.) Sorry, kinda got into a thing thinking about some shit going on in my own life. Anyway--check the song, folks.