Revised Pull List

I've made several prior attempts to catch back up with comics, and--obviously--they haven't worked. Quite simply, it's difficult to go through eighty comics a week like I used to, and STILL have time to read every other comic I like every month. So with DC doing a "soft reboot" for the universe as a whole and starting at #1 with, well...everything, this column will be examining some of the comics coming out and their creative teams. Specifically, the ones I actually care about.

We begin with...

Justice League
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Jim Lee

Cautiously optimistic on this project. I love Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's an amazing artist, but it sounds...too perfect.

Like, Geoff Johns is responsible for several dozen comics that I absolutely love, and he's not known to strike out (unless it involves him leaving mid-way through a run), but...who knows. I'll definitely be reading this, to see what happens.

Rumored since sometime in 2009, this superstar creator jam fest will be *the* first comic book to come out featuring the new DC Universe, coming out the last week in August with Flashpoint #5. Supposedly, it will feature a more "diverse" (read: minority races and orientations) incarnation of the League, boasting a fourteen-member team.

Fourteen is an interesting number, as it's what the last legendary run on the League had once Grant Morrison really got started telling stories. I think it's the sweet spot for the team, personally. James Robinson can talk about how he wants to make a group of B-Listers the next "Big Seven", ain't happening. Even Cap's Kooky Quartet had Captain America. Kurt Busiek turned Ms. Marvel (and, in my opinion, Justice and Firestar) into big deals by placing them alongside the A-List Avengers--you don't place those characters on their own in a book. That's how a title which SHOULD sell at least 100,000 a month comes out doing half that.

Fourteen members cuts down on that. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter...and then seven other heroes that you think deserve the shine. You don't have EVERY issue about the entire team, you pair a few together and see what the interpersonal relationships are between them.

Supposedly, we're opening with a brief origin story of the team. I hope it's REALLY brief--this is a new DCU, and the less time spent talking about the past, the better. Looking forward to the run nonetheless, though.

I'll be adding to this as we hear complete creative teams, as opposed to just writer or artist, and for me only official information releases count. Bleeding Cool's great, but I'm not getting my hopes up, or dashed, because they slipped up somewhere. Later folks.


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