Pull List 21: Finally in the right costume?

Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Eddy Barrows

After a tenure as the Batman of Gotham, Dick Grayson resumes his mantle as Nightwing! As Dick embraces his identity, Haley’s Circus, the big top where he once performed with his family, returns to Gotham - bringing with it a history of murder, mystery and superhuman evil. Nightwing must confront friends and enemies from his past as he searches for the source of an even greater evil.

I have no idea who that writer is, but Eddy Barrows is capable of decent artwork, usually.

...New costume sucks, but whatever. I'm glad to have Dick Grayson be who he's supposed to be--Nightwing.

I got behind a bit thanks to a weird Tuesday, but I'll be double-timing it today and hopefully getting far more done than yesterday.


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