Pull List 18: ...She can walk??

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes

..I'm really curious as to how and why this is happening. The Bat-Universe is leaving me very confused.

When they initially mentioned this relaunch, it sounded a lot like a reboot. There was a new number one for every comic, the characters would be younger, some histories would be different. All sounded like a giant "start over" button to me.

I figured the Green Lantern universe, solid as it was, would remain largely unchanged...but mostly everything else? I expected to be changed, if not altered heavily.

But we came to the Batman announcements and learned instead that largely nothing had been changed. Damian was still Robin (with all the continuity that that entails left in this "new DC Universe"); indeed, he may be the only Robin now. Dick is back to Nightwing (a decision I support...he was only Batman until Bruce came back), while Tim Drake is nowhere to be found, Jason Todd is leading a team, and Oracle...can walk?

I'm confused, but I believe if any writer can make the best out of this situation, it would be Gail Simone. I'm onboard with the title to see the story she wants to tell with Barbara as Batgirl. Hopefully it will be worth what we're losing.


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