Insomnia (with cards!)

Having trouble sleeping lately, which has left me listless when I'm actually awake. Attempting to correct this problem, but it's going to take quite a bit of effort, methinks.

In the meantime, I'll try to bring updates to you anyway. Lack of sleep should have nothing to do with me not writing. Doesn't stop people who are actually talented, so one supposes it shouldn't stop me either, really.

In other news, having found a way to duel using any deck online in a functional, easy-to-use manner with Dueling Network, I've been smashing into my limitations as a Yu-Gi-Oh! player. Thoughts on the experience as a whole, which I don't care to create an essay out of:

- Tier 1 decks don't mean much when you're facing other Tier 1 decks.

- This "no Heavy Storm" format stinks. I'm so tired of opening second and watching my opponent set four Spells/Traps. I hate that card, but I miss the effect it had on the game. No one's afraid of Giant Trunade.

- Tier 2 decks are more fun to play with. I have a blast playing with my Tech Genus deck, and Blackwings (though they were Tier 1 and could be again easily next format) are just fun to run against opponents. I'll be working on my Ice Barriers shortly, after my win ratio gets back up.

- Screw Gemini Hero Beat. Like, all jokes aside. Gemini Spark is annoying, and Super Polymerization is Chimeratech Fortress Dragon for EVERY CARD EVER, but only E-Heroes can use it. Oh, and they're gaining MORE fusion cards. Screw Heroes, and screw Yuuki.

- Losing doesn't really bug me, except when it's for stupid reasons. Counter-Fairies? WTF. You can't special summon, and my monster can't be destroyed without that or effects. But I can negate/destroy all effects. W...T...F.

- Ran into an Exodia deck. Dude was literally seconds away from drawing the fifth piece, but it was literally card 37 in his 40 card deck. It took everything I had not to laugh my arse off at him.

I've only had DN about a week, but it's already sucking up more time than it should, hopefully making me into a better duelist as well. (Like there wasn't enough of that.)

More updates coming soon.


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