Pull List 14: Finally, a title to himself?

Green Lantern: The New Guardians
Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Tyler Kirkham and Batt

Who are The New Guardians?

The power of Rage, Avarice, Fear, Will, Hope, Compassion and Love combine to be the most powerful (and colorful) team in the corps under the leadership of Kyle Rayner. Beware their power . . . and their volatility!

This isn't precisely a new concept--Geoff opened his Green Lantern arc this year with it--but with a different writer and a different Green Lantern as the focus, this could be quite intriguing.

No one's said exactly WHICH Lanterns they'll be using from each group--though I'm guessing it will be the respective leaders.

I like Tony Bedard, and Tyler Kirkham's art is...a step up from the last guy that worked on GLC, so I'm down for what comes next from the two of them.

I'm not down for the Red Lantern book--but I'm very sad that we're losing a talent like Ed Benes to a title I don't care to read. Oh well.


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