Life ST 2013 Day 6: Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica - Control

You knew this would be on here.   What would've been a fairly decent song even without that verse (Big Sean and Jay Electronica were actually good, after all) became a galvanizing anthem, a call to stop all the bullshit that we've let filter into rap & hip-hop.  Something that created a genuine rap least if you're into all that shit.  

As to whether or not that happened?  We'll find out next year.  No matter what a ton of mostly irrelevant rappers will tell you, Kendrick wasn't trying to inspire a series of diss tracks where people hopped on "Control" to talk about how Kendrick was a sell out or wears dresses or whatever the fuck.  It was supposed to give rappers a swift kick in the ass and tell them to cut the bullshit and start making good records again.   And that's something that'll take longer than the couple of months this song has been out. 


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