Battle Rap Wednesdays: Charron vs. Arsonal

My body just realized I was done with school so I was in a coma most of the day.  That's why this is so late.  In any case--usually I don't post Arsonal battles.  The guy rambles on forever without any actual punches so it's hard to listen to him.  The presence of Charron seems to have gotten him a little more focused though.

...For all the good that it did him.  This was a great battle, minus Charron's silly shit in the third round trying to rep Grape Street.  Fortunately its in the third round and near the end so 95% of the battle is fairly enjoyable.  I'm calling it as a Charron 2-1, because between getting the bandana took and just overall not being as funny as Arsonal's third, there's no way this is a 3-0. 

That said, this battle has revealed just how deluded a ton of battle rap fans are.  So many people are refusing to give Charron this battle, even calling it an automatic bodybag for Arsonal.  I seriously hope Ars doesn't believe any of that nonsense--Charron won this.  "Clearly.  No debating."  URL fans are slowly killing battle rap with this "street" nonsense.   Every battle rap event consists of two dudes basically doing spoken word poems at each other, usually with a ton of video game and movie references; how "hood" can these people really be?

But this is the best I've seen Ars in ages so at least he's trying to improve.   (Way better than that AyeVerb match.)


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