Battle Rap Saturdays: Head Ice vs. Daylyt

Battle of the Bay 6 was a fucking monster in terms of matches.  I haven't actually disliked a battle from it yet.  It's not quite Grizzlemania 2 but it's definitely the event of the year and if BOTB is known for being amazing this new one didn't let us down.

Now as far as this match's your classic "set two opposites in the ring, see what happens" deal.  Daylyt is known for being a weird guy, with gimmicks in pretty much every battle, he's even exceptional at battling with some crazy (if a bit eccentric) wordplay and lyricism.  Head Ice, on the other hand, is as fuck.  He has that "boss" attitude, and while his wordplay may not be out of this world, it's decent enough and backed by pure comedy in his lines.

It's just a one-rounder, so its hard to call.  One rounds are easier for the battler in a couple ways: for one it's much less likely they can mess up their rounds because they don't have to waste time thinking up freestyles and then get back to their bars, and for another you can't really lose steam like in a three round battle where things like your opponent's bars and the crowd can mess with your head.   In a way, it really leaves you with just bars vs. bars. 

With that being said, it's hard not to give it to Head Ice because dude is just too hilarious.  I know its bars over jokes, but when those bars are hard to parse like Daylyt'  It's still close though.


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