Life ST 2013 Day 3: Schoolboy Q - Collard Greens

TDE members Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar teamed up to make one of my favorite tracks of the year.  I want Oxymoron to be the album that tops GKMC once and for all...but I'm worried because I think a lot of them NY rappers just might kill themselves if another West Coast cat came through and killed the game for another year.  That would be...well, hilarious, but also sad.

Anyway, this song is the shit purely off the chorus, nevermind the fact that Kendrick spits an amazing verse that's half-Spanish and Schoolboy Q drops two hot verses on his own.  I can only imagine the reason this isn't the next "Swimming Pools" is because alcohol is still better to promote in most radio sponsors' eyes than marijuana.  Whatever.  


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