Life ST 2013 Day 1: Loaded Lux - Krazy Arthur

Doing this project again, since the last time I did it I had really enjoyed picking out the songs and deciding what to use from which artist.   The only thing I'm doing different this year is that I'm only picking songs from 2013.  Despite some missteps this year, there's been a bevy of artists releasing some of the best music I've ever heard, so it'd be a disservice to include music from years prior, especially when so many people are making claims that "music is dead".

So let's start out with a song from battle rap veteran, Loaded Lux.  One of the early singles used to promote his mixtape, "You Gon' Get This Work", Krazy Arthur is a solid song with an upbeat tempo that perfectly fits lyrics Lux is spitting on here.

Surprisingly, Loaded Lux is another battle rapper who breaks out of the box of being a shitty songwriter, with his mixtape being a largely solid effort from a rapper who, until his battle with Calicoe, I had never heard of.  He raps across everything from slow, remixed soul beats to trap beats alongside Southern legend Bun B on the song "Houston Tempo", and for the most part does an excellent job.  This is a man who's perfected both his lyrical content and his delivery and flow, and if he never battles again, he's got a future in music if he wants it.

...But I still need to see him do a couple more battles.  Just Hollow and Dizaster.  Put these questions to bed, once and for all.

Pick up You Gon Get This Work on Datpiff.  It's free, and it's surprisingly solid given the ridiculous length (18 tracks).


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