Life ST 2013 Day 20: Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave. (Oakland)

Because the Internet wasn't what anyone expected, if I had to guess.  Personally I think Gambino got so caught up in the instrumentals of his album that he forgot to rap for most of the album.  Even this song is roughly 70/30 singing, but it gets a major pass because the instrumentals don't overwhelm the vocals and sonically it's just amazing to listen to.   When I think about it it's even more heartbreaking than LES; at least that relationship was mostly meaningless.  

I'm posting this from the future (future...future....) so I can't honestly say if this is my favorite song off the album yet--I know I like BTI but as far as what REALLY sticks out there's nothing as overpowering as Heartbeat or LES just yet.  I DO know this probably hit closer to what he intended for the album for me than most of the rest of the album.  


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