The Shuffle - Usher: Good Kisser

The gorgeous woman with the exotic freckles is Felicia Porter, model, Star Wars and Marvel Comics geek, and the first woman I've ever wanted to propose to like five seconds after finding out her name.  

Oh, and also Usher did a song about getting some brain or something.

I'm kidding (sort of).  "Good Kisser" is actually the best I've heard from Usher in quite sometime, with an addictive baseline and super-catchy lyrics. If his next single is on this level I'll probably cop his next album, something I haven't done since he was doing all that dry-snitching on himself on Confessions ten years ago.   Seems like he's back to making good R&B again, something this industry definitely needs.   Can't let John Legend make all that money.

But Ms. Felicia tho....*wanders off to Thirstagram*  


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