Battle Rap Wednesdays - Danny Myers vs. KG the Poet

The bar god returns.   Seriously, Danny Myers is my favorite dude to watch in battle rap right now.  There are others who've had better battles.  There are others who may be better at rapping.  But Danny has the one thing I find a necessity in any artist: consistency.    You wanna call Hollow the best?  Cool.  He's had two battles in two years.   Verb?  When Verb is focused, everybody dies.   But more often than not, he's not focused.   And Lux?   Don't get me started.  

But Danny out here having classics with 90% of his opponents.  Case in point:

It's not a clear 3-0 for Danny as KG kinda wilds out in the 3rd, almost like he saved all his best material for that one round.  That's going to play out well for the guy as it was the last thing you heard so people are subject to lean in his direction more.   But mathematically...a 2-1 is a 2-1.  

Also, congrats to KOTD for making Redemption 2 such a boss event.  I don't think there were many, if any, shit battles.  URL need to step it up. 


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