CW's The Flash Trailer

"My name is Barry Allen.  And I'm the Fastest Man Alive."

Legit chills, from just those two sentences.  

If DC's going to continue doing these television adaptations of their favorite characters, this is what's necessary.  Arrow's all about martial arts and noir crime drama mixed with juuuust enough soap-y stuff to get that crowd to tune in.  Flash on the other hand seems like a (pun not intended) fast-paced superhero action show.    It's embracing Barry's lighter personality and the fact that Central City is much crazier than Star City.  

There's so much to love about this trailer--the Law and Order feel Barry's "normal" life has (thanks in large part to Jesse Martin as Iris' dad), Cisco Ramon being apart of the recurring cast, the appearance of a legit supervillain early on--even the fact that Flash is apparently suited up by the time the pilot is done.  

From the trailer it looks like they're combining the best parts of the New 52 Flash (where the rogues actually have powers rather than gadgets) with the original timeline in which Flash's origin lines up with the one given in Flash: Rebirth.  It feels cohesive enough, but I'm biased since this thing has me so hyped.   One thing's for certain--between Arrow and Flash DC's definitely got live-action television on lock.  Now let's see if they can get Hourman off the ground as well....

Flash appears on the CW this fall.


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