The Shuffle - Crystal Kay: Busy Doing Nothing

Since this is like, almost three months late I'm obviously not trying to be topical with this.  I just wanted to talk about it since I'm a CK fan going back to like, 2004.

So, this recent trend of English songs from R&B songstress Crystal Kay Williams means only one thing: she's trying to make it in America.   And that's cool, I hope she does.  Like I said, I've always (always always) loved Crystal Kay since I first heard her on m-flo's Astromantic.   But this...

It's just not working for me?   Like, I love the beat and C-Kay's voice is amazing as usual.  Hell, even the video is kinda fresh in an old school sort of way (is she doing a Janet Jackson riff?), but man...those lyrics are generic as hell.  Now despite being a student of the Japanese language I don't really listen so much as groove to her Japanese work, so maybe she's always written like this...but somehow I don't think so.  You don't become as successful as she is and sound like this.  So I'm forced to think someone "helped" her write this or wrote it for her. 

I dunno, but I really hope this is just the early days of her adapting to a Western market, and there's some evidence of that being the case.  "Rule Your World" just came out and it's actually better than this by leaps and bounds.  (Still not where I want her though.)  

Lastly?   Stop trying to make "Yokohama Ratchet Pop" happen, C-Kay.  Please. 


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