Battle Rap Wednesdays: Ill Will vs. Sno

So....this one was a little racist. 

....But at the same time, it's kinda payback.  Sno's known for talking slick and using the fact that he's battle rapping to say some undercover racist shit.  Basically, Ill Will took that and used it to slaughter him for three rounds.   I doubt Ill Will actually has any ill (hah...okay, yeah that was terrible) feelings towards Sno, but for ten grand I can't blame him for killing the guy.

The sad thing is, it was like Sno didn't even really try.  The only round that was even half-decent was the one at the end.  I had a lot of hope for Sno when I first heard him but dude's been annoying as hell on UFF, and in a perfect world he wouldn't have made it past my boy Danny Myers with all those corny "baby momma" bars.  Oh well.  Ill Will the reigning champ of UFF now.

...Now can someone actually put Ill Will back in some battles people care about? 


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