Battle Rap Wednesday - Bender vs. Big T

This is pretty much the epitome of a style clash, only in a good way.  Big T isn't exactly the most believable street cat, but when you think "URL" you probably think of him at some point.  And at the same time, Bender is about as KOTD as it gets while being talented and not being crossover like Pat Stay (and possibly Charron).   So it's hood bars vs. multi schemes in a showdown that came out of literally nowhere.   And yet surprisingly, it's a pretty good match-up.

The worst thing that can happen in something like this is for someone to get killed.  While it's entertaining, it creates a bunch of losers who start in with the "I told you..." for whatever side they were rooting for if it won.   But in this case, it didn't happen.   While Big T definitely lost Rounds 1 and 3, he killed it in Round 2 and didn't do too poorly in the first.  Bender leaned a little too heavily on multis but it didn't hurt him, and Big T for the most part left the gun noises alone.  (But when he did use them?  He made them fucking count.  That "poutine" line was crazy.)

Anyway, it's a shame I have to see AyeVerb die to Caustic eventually, but so far Vendetta 2: Redemption has been a great event.   Looking forward to seeing Rum Nitty vs. B-Magic in good quality this time.


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