The Shuffle - Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good

When I first heard they were trying to turn MJ into the next Tupac with all this posthumous album nonsense, I was pretty firmly against it.  But I can't lie...XSCAPE has some jams, like this throwback joint JT and Timbaland brought to life, the lead single of the album "Love Never Felt So Good".

I love the various homages they did for Mike here, and while the XSCAPE album is really only seven or eight tracks extended to 14-16 by putting the "original" versions on there as well, "Blue Gangsta", "Chicago", and "A Place Without No Name" are all worth a spot in any music lover's mp3 player.

Now, if someone else can earn that this year...seriously, it's like all the music artists decided they quit making music for the year.  


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